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I am currently researching juicers as mine is getting old and yucky. I bought a super cheap one to start and it has lasted me 4 yrs. Now I am ready to upgrade and would like input on some good juicers that won't break the bank :). What do members have and like?

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In my opinion any good juicer will break the bank. I would just save my money till I could get a good one. I haven an Omega 8004 nutrition center so I can also make ice-cream and nut butters. Check out Discount Juicers . Com

Thank you, I really appreciate your response. I was looking at that one as an option or the 8006 one.

The 8004 and the 8006 are the same juicer. The 8004 is white or ya can pay $20 more to get the 8006 that is silver. I love it because it does wheat grass and other greens very well


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