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I suggest this juicer for wheatgrass..very easy to clean and very can also use it for carrots and celery and other veggies. They need to be cut up smaller. Great for if the electricity goes out! My little special needs son, Elliott can put this together, turn it and clean it with you can to! : )

More about Wheatgrass CLICK HERE.

To purchase this Wheatgrass Juicer, click HERE! If you purchase it through Penni's Picks it will benefit the site. It costs to run this site. Penni will never toot her own horn, so I will! : )
If you use any other kinds of juicers, please post about them here.
Give us reviews...why you like them, etc.

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Thanks for the info. I ordered it this January for camping. Soon as it came my home juicer broke down so it got plenty of use for a few weeks. It works great! I haven't had any dripping or any other problems.  If I couldn't afford a regular juicer this one would be a great choice, it juices everything.  The only con would be it takes longer to use.


I noticed Costco has the Jack Lalanne juicers.  I have been saving for a Breville Juice Fountain Elite but I am wondering if anyone knows if I should continue to save for the Breville or do you love your Jack Lalanne juicer.  Anything you can share on this would be great.  Thank-you!

I've had both. The Breville has less parts and more powerful with a high and low speed. You can juice whole apples and a whole stalk of celery with the Brevilles wide feed shoot. The Jack Lalanne isn't that much cheaper usally. They are both loud and the amount of juice you get is the same but my Breville was taller. Hope that helped.

Thank you Liende for your quick reply.  Yes, that helped.

I have this juicer and it works GREAT!  I have used it over a year now and still juicing my wheat grass fine.  


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