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I usually use mason jars for fermentation. I am wanting to purchase a fermentation crock and stones. Does anyone prefer one brand over another, easier to use? How many liters?

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Try googling " Lehman's" they have all kinds of crocks and many sizes. Today and tomorrow they have free shipping.

I have used both regular crocks  and a Harsh crock, but, I have resorted to mason jars with pickling lids that hold an air lock for 95% of my fermentation needs.  I am the only one who eats what I pickle (except for the jalapeno peppers which my husband will eat) so I had to go small on many of my ferments.  I may try to make an all glass pickling jar but even those have a silicone or rubber gasket.

To hold the vegetables under the brine I have used a plate with a weight, the crock stones and 'Pickle Pebbles' for regular and wide mouth jars.  I absolutely love the Pickle Pebbles because they cover the area well.  You do have to be careful if you leave them in the jar, because they rattle against the sides.  They are glass though and are easy to clean and have no porous surface issues.

FYI I have in the refrigerator: Golden kraut, pickled eggplant, jalapeños, and kim chi and my husband is threatening to buy me a refrigerator to put my 'evil smelling' concoctions into!!  I even have to wait for him to leave to enjoy some of them, LOL.

My favorite way to eat them is in a  Vietnamese Spring roll wrapper with other raw ingredients using just a dab of Hoisin sauce.  Penny has a raw ingredient Hoisin sauce that I haven't tried yet.


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