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I am looking at investing in an electric pressure cooker and wondering if anyone has any experience with the Instant Pot? Pros? Cons? Thanks!


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Kelli be more specific in exactly what you are talking about. 

I just wanted feedback on  if anyone has used one and if they think they are worth the investment of over $100. I have never owned a pressure cooker but I have heard about this electric one and I'm curious for making soups and such to get whole food meals on the table quicker.

I love my Instant Pot!  If you follow Simple Daily Recipes on YouTube you will find a million great recipes for the Instant Pot (all vegan, oil free!)  I also love Chef AJ (she's Abbie Jaye on YouTube) and she uses the Instant Pot all the time.  Beans from scratch (no cans!) in 15 min, no soaking? Yeah, baby!  I make split pea soup (10 min) red lentil chili (20 min) butternut squash stew, perfect brown rice.  Too much yummy vegan goodness!

Thank you so much for the reply!! I will have to check out the two you mention. I did bite the bullet and ordered one!!! I am anxious to start playing with it. Thanks again Heather!!

I use my Instant Pot every day!  I agree with Heather--look at Chef AJ's videos as well as Simple Daily Recipes videos.  Jill Nussinow also has recipes.  Definitely worth it.  Happy Experimenting!


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