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I just made my first antibacterial-antifongic-raw toothpaste! I love it!

I took that recipe from a french web site.

1 part coconut oil (antifongic, antibacterial, healing for you gums)
1 part baking soda (whitening and gentle scrub against stains)
5 pepermint essential oil drops
2 lemon essential oil drops
1 tea tree essential oil drop

Melt, stir regularly during cool down time, keep in a glass jar (recycle your beauty cream jars :-)

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Excellent! :)
This sounds like a fun recipe to try. I've been brushing my teeth with just coconut oil alone for about a year now. For awhile I had some that I'd doctored up with clove oil that was nice as well.
I love new unexepensive beauty tips...I just rub a bit of this mixture on my lips and realised it could be used as an exfoliant, why not use it as a cuticule cream as well, it leaves a nice shine on nails without the poison and pollution from nail polish!
Well, I made the mix in the rest of my coconut oil jar, melteld it in hot water ...there was maybe half a cup...I was not very could adjust it to your taste;
and I empied the content in a glass jar and 2 pill I can take the tootpaste with me when I is not liquid wich is good!
cool! how does it work for you?
I used it last night an this morning it is perfect! It leaves my teeth kind of slippery from the oil, I suppose, and my flossing was a breeze :-). Are you still in Japan?
Oh interesting. I want to try making some, too. I am in Washington until Sunday, then back in Japan. :)

Martyne Pesant said:
I used it last night an this morning it is perfect! It leaves my teeth kind of slippery from the oil, I suppose, and my flossing was a breeze :-). Are you still in Japan?
So do you melt it a little in warm water before each time you use it? Im curious how to get it to stick to your toothbrush once it cools.. Also, do you think it would work without the baking soda? Ive heard its bad to use it daily and that using it once a week is better since its abrasive.. (for me, once a week seems to be good...)
I do alternate with other toothpastes; in fact, I love to buy them when I travel and try differents flavors and unknown brands...! I think that the baking soda sinks in the I have been using a little spoon to get a small quantity that I put directly in my mouth an then start to brush...If you want more baking soda (once a week maybe) just dig deeper! It is great for travelling because it is solid at room temperature :-)
Wow, thanks for sharing this.  I really want to find something that works, that's raw, and that doesn't cost a fortune either. 
This is great! I want to add that if you have sensitive gums, gingivitis, or periodontal disease, candelula (an herb) is really good for gum health and healing, and it can be added to a toothpaste, or made into a raw tea to use as a mouth rinse. :-)

Love it!


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