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I would like to know if anyone here has tried body sugaring? This would be like waxing, only the medium is sugar and lemon juice. I am going to give it a try here at home today. I will let you know how it works for someone who has absolutely no experience with this type of thing. 

My niece goes to a professional and she loves it. I really hope it will work for me.

Peace & Blessings

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Please let us know how your experience is!  We had an esthetican at my salon that offered the service, but I never had it done.   It sounds yummy : )

Ok, I did it. I can understand why the ladies in the harem did it. It seems to take all day to get it done! I also think that you need to have someone else do it for you cause you can't see everywhere. It is tricky to get the hang of it, and while I was trying to get this done, I really did bruise my legs up. I just couldn't get the right flick going. 

It was really hilarious, and if I could of filmed it this would be a hoot to watch. Sugar solution smeared just everywhere. I don't know how I did it. 

Anyway next time I will go to a professional to have this done. But it does make your legs so smooth!! I highly recommend it, and going to a pro to have it done! LOL

Peace & Blessings

Sugaring is an Egyptian ritual. The young women start at puberty. All the hair on the body is removed except the eyebrows and head hair. In Egypt, a woman with body hair was / is considered not clean, or bad hygiene. This also kept the skin cooler in the heat of the Egyptian landscape.

I've done professional sugaring since 1992. I was trained in the original method of Alexandria sugar paste.  Just for trivia...I was the first sugaring practitioner Alexandria trained in the USA...and was their first educator in the USA. And yes…the hand paste method does take practice and the right know-how as there are tricks to apply and flick if off.

After a few years of doing the “hand” method, I came up with the idea for the strip sugar method as I was getting pain in my hands using the hand paste. I called it the Squeegee Sugar Method! (we all got many laughs with that name!)  Alexandria company has been sold 2x. With Alexandria being sold the sugar was not the same as the original that that Egyptian woman, Nagwa, made for the company, as she and Michael C. kept the rights to own the "recipe".  In frustration I used the information I got from Nagwa to make made my own "secret" sugar, both hand paste and strip sugar, and have done so for my skin care clinic for the past 15 years.  I love sugaring!

There are several "recipes" out there on the internet you can try. I'd look for a strip sugar recipe. This will go on warm, NEVER HOT, and use a metal 6" long by ¾” wide spatula…by Walton cake decorating. It is flat, not an offset type. After you cook it, pour it into a wide mouth pint mason jar to cool. 

Microwaving is the best way to heat it. Keep in mind that as you use it, and you have less to heat, it will heat up really fast. Usually 16 oz jar will heat on high in 1 minute 15 seconds, ready to use. When you dip the spatula into the sugar, it should run off in a thin smooth stream. NOT a fast runny stream (too hot!). The glass will get hot, so be very careful to not burn yourself. Stir the sugar well, and test a little on the side of your hand for temperature.

Using the metal spatula works best, as the metal helps keep the sugar warm, wood or plastic ones are harder to use as the sugar will not 'melt' off the spatula. Metal stays warm as you use it.  (a 16 oz jar should do your legs about 10 times)

Wash your legs from oils. Dry skin well. Use a little body powder ( I like Clubman brand…an old Barber brand) on a wash cloth and rub this very LIGHTLY into your skin. Buff with a clean part of your washcloth. This dries the skin, as sugar must be applied to very dry skin. If you have too much powder, it will not let the sugar apply properly, and will “roll” up not adhering.

Dip spatula, remove excess along the side of the jar, and spread a VERY thin coat the same direction the hair grows ( I use with hair growth and against it depending on the client, the "type" of hair, etc...but for simplicity sake here...just apply down from the knee to the ankle) Apply a FABRIC waxing strip...not pellon –too stiff, and massage the top of the strip in the same direction. (Cut the strip about 8 inches long if using a "roll" or buy the pre-cut. I prefer the roll as it is a tighter weave cotton fabric (usually).

Start with 4” applications to get the hang of it. Longer strips can be done as you get better. Hold the skin tight at the bottom where you will start to pull, and pull along the leg, NOT this is why you got bruised.

Continue to use the same strip, and apply some powder to the TOP of your fabric, the side that you massage on top of. The sugar tends to bleed through the fabric a bit, making it difficult to massage the strip. The powder dries the fabric, and makes it smooth, not sticky. I only need four 8 inch strips to do underarms, and full legs.

Wash legs with warm water. Do NOT apply lotions or oils. The follicle is open and this can cause undo irritation and later ingrown hairs. Apply lotion 24 hours later.

It is difficult to do your own underarms…ouch, as you can’t get the skin tight enough when you pull.

If you have been shaving, let the hair grow for 2 weeks. (yes, this is  the most painful part of sugaring!) The hair grows in three phases, so once you’ve pulled the first stage, sugar again in two weeks, (second phase), and then again in about 3 weeks (final phase). Now you are only dealing with one phase of hair, and typically my clients come in for sugaring every 4 weeks in the summer, and 6 weeks in the winter. The hair after the third sugar will not have any razor cut blunt ends, and the re-growth will be soft and smooth…not stubbly.

To do the back of your legs, stand up, and massage the "sugared" well-used fabric strip on the leg, WITHOUT adding more sugar to your leg. The strip will have enough sugar to grab the hair on the back of your upper legs if you are doing full legs. If doing the back of the calf: Stand with your food on top of a small stool, or the edge of your tub. Turn sideways to apply. A little awkward, BUT, if you do most of your legs surface from the front, getting as much side areas as you can, the back strip is only 2" wide and takes two pulls to be done.

There is a “vintage” photo of me sugaring my friend Alina, on my RFR page. I loaded this up when I signed up for RFR.  Sugaring Hair Removal is the only good reason to buy SUGAR!  

 Have fun...keep practicing, and soon you'll be a pro!



A guys back is sooo sensitive.

And I agree...if you can go to a Pro, wonderful! I could go to one of my students, but, I don't. I think it's a convenience issue.  Plus, at $55+ a session...that can add up for some individuals. I've even made my sugar paste while camping in our trailer, and while the men are out doing what men do in the wilderness,  I've spent a few moments of me time pampering myself.  The hand paste in this case has a definite advantage, and it is the ONLY method I like for working on the face, brows, upper lip, and neck.


Ida Friedman said:

LOL! That takes me back... I was trained by Alexandria in sugaring in Florida in 1992 or 1993. I remember practicing on my roommates' back... poor guy. What wonderfully thorough instructions. I do think it's better to have hair removed by someone with experience. No injuries! Just relax and leave it to the pros.
So I went yesterday to my second professional body sugaring!!! I can't say enough good things about sugaring.But only when done by a professional! : ) Smooth, sexy & oh my! I even got a free pair of sexy panties with the brazilian! I will highly recommend Katie at Sugar Me in Portland, OR! If anyone is in the area and want to be smooth, I would definitely say to visit her.
I'm glad you are having a positively sweet experience!


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