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Superfoods: yay or nay? Which ones are your favorites? What do you eat on a daily/almost daily basis? Raw cacao: amazing superfood or horrible stimulant? Curious about your opinions! Also, since I have a limited budget, I am wonderful about the 'musts'.

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Hi about cocoa. I like carob powder for it's non stimula affect and it's a little sweeter too. I'm not into like super foods they are always pricey for the interesting ones although I grew sprouts but got put off them when I read about toxins and stuff lol. All fruits and veggies are super haha. Just my opinion 

Thanks for your input, Colette. I kinda feel similarly about superfoods. Are they as super as their prices are? Just curious to see how people feel about this :-) 

I try to eat them whenever possible... Vitacost always has really good deals & amazon  does pretty often as well. 

My Superfoods are anything that grows out of the earth

Hi Kat

A "yay" here. Personally I love green superfoods and my superfood of choice is Amazing Grass Raw Reserve. I'm not sure how much it is where you are as it is at the expensive end of the spectrum here in the UK (around £27 - £37 for 30 servings c. 1 months worth), but I feel it's really worth every penny as the ingredients contained far exceeds any others on the market. It's packed with nutrients (E3 live, several different grasses, probiotics) and I definitely feel the benefit of it when I take it in my morning juices/smoothies.

Besides this, I'm echoing Kathleen's great comment "anything that comes out of the earth"!

Hope that helps.



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