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I'm taking a Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention course and someone in the forums brought up about cyanide in certain foods. I did some of my own research and noted that there is a lot of info a "bitter almonds" and that they do have cyanide. There are also something like 25 varieties of almonds from around the world. The California almond growers web page was informative but obviously would not conduct info about cyanide in almonds. The almonds I purchase in the store and that I make my almond mylk with, does not taste bitter. I will say that the topic was vague in my research. Either it was ALL about cyanide and what it does to you...not good, or it was not specifically giving me direct info about almond purchasing. Cyanide is also prevalent in car exhaust, cigarette smoke and pits of fruits like apples, cherries, apricots etc. The person who wrote in the forum said that she and her spouse consume almonds on a daily basis and that their MD did blood testing and found that they had high levels of cyanide, so not to eat so many almonds. I would really appreciate scientific and medical answers to this topic as I want to be assured that the almonds I'm consuming are in fact healthy for me. I'm sure it is ok because I eat a cup per week (almond mylk and then the pulp is made into almond hummus). Inquiring minds want to know.

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