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Hi, I've been reading that chlorophyll in the liquid form is excellent for clearing out toxins, but then I've read that it can also cause problems.  So I'm curious what people here at the HAB think?  Plus, if it is something good to add to juice or water, how long should I use it and how much should I use?  I prefer to get it from leafy greens but as I'm starting out, wondered if this would be a good way to go?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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I say Yay! ;) I haven't had it in awhile but I only saw positive results. I used a liquid variety and just chugged it with a little water or apple juice. I would say use it until you finish an 8oz bottle and assess your results. I think I followed whatever was on the bottle, probably 1-2 tablespoons. It turned around a cold for me over night which has never happened.  I also used a dropperful in my neti pot with collodial silver to get rid of the worst sinus infection ever -helped me avoid antibiotics which I loathe. :) Best of luck!

That's a refined food! In the same way that they take suar out of sugarcane or flour out of wheat and it becomes a useless refined food, chlorophyll has been derived from real food, and now it is refined.
Humans are obviously designed to eat WHOLE FOODS. This is what is available in nature and these are what deliver optimal health.
Just get your chlorophyll the natural way - from greens!
Peace (:


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