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I've read so much conflicting information about agave nectar. When I first started eating raw, I didn't have any, so I didn't use it! But then I started getting into more recipes and started using it. I read that it was lower glycemic and I didn't get the rush that I did when I used to have sugar.

But...I've heard it's too processed, it's not really raw, it may contain corn syrup, certain brands are ok, some are not. It's confusing! I used up a bottle last week and that's it for now. I really enjoy it in recipes but I was using it too much. I realize I am just as happy with my simpler recipes not using any of it or using a bit of yacon syrup instead (which I'm sure has it's own controversies although it's so expensive I can't use too much).

Then I had a conversation with a few raw foodies in my area who took it out of their diet and lost weight (it was the only change they made). I think it might help me. There is no way that those recipes that call for a whole cup of agave are good for me right now. But there were times when I thought I really needed it and wasn't ready to let it go.

Your thoughts? Not trying to stir up controversy, just trying to get to the bottom of it!

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I'm not a huge fan of stevia, but I've found it works with minty things and with blueberry things, and is worth playing around with.
Nicole Beals said:

bitt said:

i am not a huge stevia fan but if it's already in teas i seem to like it. i must be putting too much in.

I've actually wondered about agave before. In higher doses, I've found it tasting kind of heavy.

Oh, and on the topic of sweeteners, I'm new to raw, so quick question: Would dates/date syrup sub well in dressing or another savory food? How about - consistency-wise - in a raw frosting?


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