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First Enema

Use 1-4 quarts of filtered water. During this enema, the patient starts out on his or her left side. After the first ½ to 1 quart of filtered water is in the colon, the client turns onto his or her back. Massaging the abdomen during this time assists the body to receive the water with less cramping. In the first enema, use 1 T soap.  Made-for-Enema Soap (I prefer Dr. Wood's Lavender Castile Soap or Dr. Bonner's Lavender Castile Soap) stimulates the colon without irritating it, thereby increasing the healing properties and effectiveness of the colon cleansing therapy.

Second Enema 

Use 2-4 quarts of water. Add one teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt (I have found an incredible therapeutic Bamboo Sea Salt from S. Korea) and 4-8 drops of an essential oil such as Purification to each quart of filtered water. This enema is used to clear out the second half of the colon. You ought to be able to take at least 2 quarts of water into your body during this colon cleanse. Take your time with this enema, allowing 5-15 minutes to take the entire volume of solution.

Third Enema

Use 1 quart of filtered water with 1 T to one cup of brewed, organic, made-for-enema-coffee for this colon-cleansing solution. This enema adds an additional level of therapy to your colon cleanse by assisting your liver and gallbladder to cleanse. Hold the coffee enema solution for 10-12 minutes after you have taken all of the coffee solution into your colon.



Many blessings in your journey~Rita

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Yes I am and you are so welcome, I attached a couple of links to other information here as well.  Hope this helps!

Darlene Ashcraft said:

This is useful information! Thank you for sharing. Are you a colon Hydrotherapist?

Darlene is right on--This is good info.  Is this what you do special or do all  hydrotherapists begin this way.  

Hey Chris!  I do a lot of things in my private practice.  I don't just do colonics, I teach home set up for enemas, nutritional counseling, as well as a raw food chef.  This gives me a lot of tools to utilize for my patients.  It's a lovely wellness practice.  Sadly, many colon hydrotherapists do not practice these other entities much less utilize them for themselves.  It just all goes so well together, it should be taught this way.  This is just my own protocol, as I teach people in private sessions how to take enemas at home.  So, when they are not doing colon hydrotherapy and would like to take coffee enemas at home this is a good way to evacuate the lower sigmoid colon before taking the coffee enema.

Blessings in your journey~Rita

Chris said:

Darlene is right on--This is good info.  Is this what you do special or do all  hydrotherapists begin this way.  

I have a local lady who healed herself with natural therapies---time I got back to see her to see if we can apply what you do.  I wish I could convey everyone to healthier living using juices and alternative practices--but each of us have a road to traverse and so many different methods from which to choose.   I just try to practice what I preach.  I am not 100% raw but I have managed to wean myself of fast food and most sugar--still have some issues here.

I didn't mean 'begin' as in starting a practice--I meant it as something you do with all your clients.  I will be visiting your website and learning some more soon.  This is prime gardening season for me and I am busy from sunrise to sunset digging my toes and knees and hands in the soil--and having a blast.

Hey Darlene~You are not bothering me at all!  

Just a heads up here~ you may get a warning from admin here in the RFR about the house rules.  Unless they are approved,  you can't post links to other websites because that willfully takes people away from RFR to other websites.   With that said, I do like saWilsons website as well as Optimal Health Network....she is a Colon Hydrotherapist and also provides products there too.   When I clicked on your link, it showed an empty cart so I don't know what you're looking at.



Darlene Ashcraft said:

Hi Rita, sorry to keep bothering you with questions...

What do you think of these items for starting:

Hey Darlene, when I have enema training sessions and the patients think they would like to incorporate coffee enemas into their routines, they start out with the plastic enema bucket.  The gold roast is my favorite, either from saWilsons or Optimal Health Network.  I think that's a smart move to start that way, make sure you are committed and then move on pun intended!

Blessings in your journey~Rita 

Darlene Ashcraft said:

Thanks Rita and also thanks for the heads up. I wasn't aware I was breaking any rules on this site. I'm be mindful of it in the future. I was looking at some organic gold roast coffee and a plastic enema bucket. It would be lower cost and then later I could invest in something better. Thanks for being so kind. :)


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