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I have read it's a good practice, I have read that the colon becomes dependent on it. Anybody know? I missed mine this morning and I'm bloated and I feel yucky and tired. Of course I'm on day 63 of doing enemas.

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After nearly 15 years of colon cleansing - my colon has never become dependent on enemas or colonics.   I actually think that it has been like  exercise for the lower GI tract.  I don't do enemas daily, but I have in times past.  It may take a day or two to regulate, but things should be fine.

Thanks Penni <3

I want a colonic. I think I NEED one... :-D


I have done them for over 10 years and It helped me cure constipation I had over 10 years ago....I now do 1 every season.SO 4 a year.....It reminds me to only put clean food in my system......

This is fantastic!  Thanks for sharing!!

michael Westrick said:

I have done them for over 10 years and It helped me cure constipation I had over 10 years ago....I now do 1 every season.SO 4 a year.....It reminds me to only put clean food in my system......

Hello Wendy~

I spent time in training last year with Charlotte Gerson from The Gerson Institute.   She utilizes coffee enemas into her life on a daily basis.  She also consumes 6 juices a day in addition to her regular meals.  I questioned her intensively.  One of the concerns some have with coffee enemas on a regular basis is the loss of the normal flora to which some take probiotics.  Charlotte feels that her intake of fresh organic juices takes care of the probiotics and minerals that could be lost with daily enemas.  She does practice this for healing and prevention.  She also told me that she does not experience decreased Peristalsis  if she in fact skips a day.  She does feel that it helps people to retrain their bowels from years of constipation or sluggish bowels.  She in no way had any negative thing to say to anyone in our sessions with similar questions as you. 

Also, from my own experience I have never become dependent (emotionally, mentally or physically) on enemas or colonics as I have utilized these practices on a regular basis in my own healing regimens.

I also feel with juice fasting practices it is good to utilize enemas.

I wish you the best in your journey.


Thanks Rita. I have some organic coffee somewhere. I totally fell in love with the Gerson testimonies and the book and the videos. That's really cool that you got to train with her (envious here) :-) 

I've been incorporating semi solids and solids back in for a week or so and although I don't have a problem with daily enemas I feel the body should want to eliminate at some point. That's a totally natural thing to do. It would be nice to feel an urge again. The last time I was eating high raw I was eliminating on my own 2-3 times a day. Of course as always the body will do what it wants when it wants and not when I want it too, eh?


That advise is so much easier to give than to self-administer at times. :-)

Bless you,


Darlene, home enemas are VERY easy to do. Don't be intimidated. You can get an enema bag/bucket/tube online or at a drugstore/medical supply store. Darlene, I struggled with constipation my childhood and teens. Sometimes I would even go 6 weeks without having a bowel movement! 

I recommend reading The Gerson Method or any of the colon health books by Bernard Jensen.

What is everyone's thoughts on the importance of daily enemas during a fasting regime? Also, the Raw Food World website promotes and sells a four-quart enema bag for home cleansing? Does anyone have any experiences with these type of large volume enemas for home-use?


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