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Coffee Enemas for Liver Detox/Flush

People that have a sluggish liver need liver detox/flush and a coffee enema is a good tool to accomplish this task.  I just spent time with Charlotte Gerson from The Gerson Institute(  She utilizes coffee enemas into her life on a daily basis.  She also consumes 6 juices a day in addition to her regular meals.  I questioned her intensively.  One of the concerns some have with coffee enemas on a regular basis is the loss of the normal flora to which some take probiotics.  Charlotte feels that her intake of fresh organic juices takes care of the probiotics and minerals that could be lost with daily enemas.  She does practice this for healing and prevention. 

I will post a link where there are several doctor's documentation on coffee enemas.

By the way, enemas and colonics used to be the standard of care upon entering hospitals.  It was removed when routine pharmaceuticals came on the seen.  Thus, laxatives took the place of the nurses care because doctors thought there time was needed elsewhere.

I personally have had good results with the coffee enemas.  My father had a gallbladder attack due to gallstones and the standard of care was that the MD wanted to remove his gallbladder.  I asked his  MD to allow me to proceed with alternative treatment.  He agreed and gave me two weeks and then he would repeat the blood work and ultrasound.  I utilized coffee enemas for one week before utilizing  a liver flush with epsom salts and lemon juice/olive oil.  A note of extreme caution here:  we knew what size the stones were prior to incorporating the flush.  Some people have done liver flushes without knowing the size of the stones and ended up having passed stones to large to exit and thus serious problems incurred.  End result of my father's treatment:  saved the gallbladder.  He has a tendency to have a fatty liver and his liver enzymes will elevate from time to time, so, he utilizes the coffee enema and the liver enzymes come down.  A very good tool for health and healing!

       by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker
       from The Gerson Therapy

The caffeine in coffee administered as an enema detoxifies the liver. While the coffee enema is being retained in the gut (for an optimum
period ranging from 12 -15 minutes), all of the body's blood passes
through the liver every three minutes. The hemorrhoidal blood vessels
dilate from exposure to the caffeine, in turn, the liver's portal veins
dilate too. Simultaneously, the bile ducts expand with blood, the bile
flow increases, and the smooth muscles of these internal organs relax.
The blood serum  and its many components are detoxified as this vital
fluid passes through the individual's caffeinated liver. The quart of
water being retained in the bowel stimulates the visceral nervous
system, promoting peristalsis. The water delivered through the bowel
dilutes the bile and causes an even greater increase in bile flow.
There is a flushing of toxic bile which is further affected by the
body's enzymatic catalyst known to physiologists as glutathion
S-transferase (GST).

The GST is increased in quantity in the small bowel by 700 percent, which is an excellent physiological effect, because this enzyme quenches free
radicals. These quenched radicals leave the liver and gallbladder as
bile salts flowing through the duodenum. The bile salts are carried
away by peristalsis in the gut, traveling from the small intestine,
through the colon, an out the rectum.
The benefits of increasing quantities of GST in the gut:
GST binds bilirubin and its glucuronides so that they can be eliminated from the liver cells.
GST blocks and detoxifies carcinogens, which require oxidation or reduction to be activated. Its catalytic function produces a protective effect
against many chemical carcinogens.
GST forms a covalent bond with nearly all free radical substances which is the precondition for their elimination from the body. The intermediate
products of potential liver poisons also belong to this category of
forming free radical pathology.

Benefits of Coffee Enemas:
Aids in elimination of the liver's toxic wastes.
Stimulates the liver to produce enzymes that clean the blood.
Draws out environmental and metabolic toxins
Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
Cleanses the colon
Improves complexion
Reduces puffiness around the eyes
Improves joint health and flexibility
Decreases congestion and allergies

How to do a Coffee Enema
• 3 Tablespoons of organic coffee (start out using less, half this amount, if you are sensitive to caffeine)NEVER USE DECAF COFFEE
• 1 ¼ cup of purified or distilled water.
• Add coffee to water and boil for 3 minutes. Cover and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
• Strain coffee granules by pouring liquid through fine strainer.
• Add 2 –3 more cups of purified water to the coffee liquid.
• Test the temperature. It should be luke warm, as with a baby bottle-warm to the wrist. Not hot, not cool.
• If you do not plan to do the enema right away, cover the liquid tightly
and place in the refrigerator. It will keep for 48 hours. Then re-heat
before use.

Procedure for intake:
Prepare a soft comfortable place in your bathroom where you can lie down. Use
several layers of towels, blankets, or a yoga mat. Be sure to put an
old towel on top in case any liquid spills. Use an old pillow or rolled
up towel to support your head.
If you have not experienced a bowel movement on the day of the enema, it is a good idea to first instill 4 cups of warmed distilled water prior to the coffee liquid as this will stimulate a bowel movement.  This waste needs to be expelled first then instill the coffee liquid for better results and greater retention time.  If not, it's harder to hold retention enemas before releasing as much waste as possible.
Pour the coffee liquid mixture into your enema bag or enema bucket. Be sure the tube is clamped shut. Then
slowly open it to allow the liquid to feed to the end of the tube and
close the tube clamp.

Place the enema bag or bucket about one foot to 18” above your body. Ideally you can sit it on the side of the
bathtub or on a low stool. Have a clock nearby for timing.
Lubricate the enema tube and your anus with some olive oil, sesame oil, aloe vera gel or other non-toxic lubricant.
Lie on your LEFT side with leg bent at the knee (there is a lot of controversy out there amongst the 'Coffee Enema' community whether one should take the CE while lying on the right side or the left side and one might say it doesn't matter.....but in my educated opinion, it does matter.  While on the right side one may experience coffee going higher into the descending colon and that is not what you are trying to obtain....the coffee should be instilled while lying on the LEFT side due to the fact that you are trying to keep the coffee contained in the Sigmoid Colon because that's where the exchange takes place in the venous system through the Portal Vein up to the Liver to start the detox process.)   Insert the enema tube a
few inches. Hold the clamp in your hand and open it slowly to allow a
little liquid to flow in, then shut it. This will allow you to adjust
to the intake. After a few seconds, open the clamp again and let some
more liquid in, and shut the clamp. Do this several times to allow all
the liquid to gradually flow in. Hold for 10 – 12 minutes.
If you feel at anytime that you cannot hold the enema, don’t strain. Close the
tube clamp, get up and relieve your self, and then come back and
continue. This can happen a few times if you are new to coffee enemas.
Don’t worry you still get the benefits.
After you have relieved your self. Take it easy. Rest if you feel the need for 10 minutes or more. Then go about your day.
Drink plenty of liquids throughout the day, especially fresh organic juices
are recommended to replenish liquids. If you feel cramps or gas, drink
peppermint or fennel seed tea. You can also use a hot water bottle.
Generally people don’t feel much discomfort, but if there are a lot of
toxins being released, there may be some purification experienced as
gas, bloating, cramps or headache or flu feeling. This is a good sign
you are getting rid of toxins. Drink plenty of liquids and do another
coffee enema the next day, next week or soon after to flush toxins out.

Wash out your enema bag and tube with hot water and rinse it with some peroxide to sterilize.

How often should I do one?
If you would like to do a regular cleanse, once or twice a week is a good
frequency. Make it a weekend habit. If you feel like your coming down
with a cold or flu, it is also a good time to do an enema. Some people
like to do a coffee enema after traveling to cleanse the toxins picked
up while on the road. The day after Thanksgiving or other over eating
occasions is also a good time. If you have a serious illness, consult
with your health professional about doing coffee enemas on a more
regular basis. People fighting cancer on the Gerson Therapy are
prescribed more frequent use of coffee enemas according to their
doctor’s advise.

Question and Answers:

Will the caffeine give me a buzz?
Many people have noted the paradoxical calming effect of coffee enemas. You
should not feel nervous or jittery after the enema because the coffee
does not get absorbed systemically. If you do feel nervous, jittery,
have palpitations, or irregular heartbeats, after a coffee enema,
reduce the amount of coffee by half or more.

Will I have to run to the bathroom all day?
Generally the entire enema is released immediately after holding it for the
recommended 10 minutes. Occasionally one may need to release a little
more later, but there is usually enough warning that no accidents occur.

Will I get dependent on it?
Coffee enemas are not used to replace normal bowel movements, but to cleanse
the liver. They do not create a dependency for this purpose.

Will I get addicted to the coffee?
No, coffee taken in through an enema does not have the same effect as
drinking coffee. On the contrary, doing coffee enemas is a good way to
break an addiction to drinking coffee or using other unhealthy
substances, because it cleanses the liver, the seat of addictions.

See Matt & Angela Monarch's video on enemas & colonics:

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Because the coffee needs to boil first then turn it down to a simmer for 15 min so that all the therapeutic agents can be extracted from the ground bean.  

Darlene Ashcraft said:

Is there a reason you can't brew the coffee in a coffee maker?

Interesting information, I like how condensed and educating this post it. There is so much out there about coffee enemas and the benefits but I was able to digest this well. I tried the liver flush this summer and did a coffee enema at the end the day after the flush, but when I do it again I will incorporate the coffee the week of like you did. Thanks, btw all my acne cleared up after I did the coffee enema, wow they are amazingly cleansing.  



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