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I've been blending most my meals (couple months) & adding plenty of easy to digest solids to chew on in my soups (apple, peaches, zucchini, cucumber, mushrooms, avocado ). I also juice in the AM.
1 -2 times a week i will steam 1/2 butternut squash and blend the other half raw to make a Soup with steamed squash cubes in it.
I've been doing all this hoping it will help easier stools.
Would this be why I have small quantity stools, only in the size of half my pinky or dabree flakes.
It's not hard stools, but definetly a challenge to have them and I knows they are incomplete bc I have terrible gas 24/7 that smells horrid :-(
Also been supplementing magnesium, probiotics, and tons of water (sometime flax meal but notice no differance).
Done some enemas and its mainly brown water that releases. Sorry so graphic but I think that's interesting and may give a clue to what is happening?
Maybe this has happened to someone else and knows a better way to accomplish good stools?

Any ideas on how to make this better?
Thank you so so much!

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Maybe you're only pooping half as much because you're eating half as much? The body does take time to adjust to a different was of eating. Keep eating well...

A good colon hydrotherapist could give you a lot of info about what's happening. I've been having them on and off for a year now, and am amazed at the cleansing process! From what I've learned, one good colonic is equivalent to 15 enemas!

I love colon therapy.
I learned what it was but not sure how to Fix it. I went to get examed bc it really lead to other problems.
"Anismus" - its pelivic floor muscles that form knots along the muscle due yo stress tension. same as knots in the shoulders or upper back for pople who hold tension there. but this occurs along the pelvic floor muscles that wrap around the front and back on men and women. Basically a lot of women hold stress in the pelvic floor and it can get knotted just like one who holds it in the shoulders.
It makes it very very hard to poo bc the sphincter s so tight. Awful!

I know what this feels like.  I was 75 - 80% raw before I moved out to California in August, and all because of the changes in my diet for a few weeks I am back in the IBS symptoms again.  I had it under control since I joined this site in April 2010 and learned what to do for a long time, but now I am experiencing the pain, bloat and suffering again.

I am slowly, but surely back to juicing green smoothies with lots of spinach, romaine lettuce, bananas, oranges and berries.  I drink water throughout the day, but still feel pain in the pelvic area.  I am drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and healthy kangen water all day.  I have been drinking green smoothies all day and also had a meal of oat bran with raisins.

You would think I should feel good now, but the raw burning sensation is rough.  I think I am going to have a peppermint tea.


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