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What's some of the best (effective) brand probiotics for gut flora that has been wiped out from antibiotics?

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Try some of the natural ones.  DIRECT LINK REMOVED - per our Community Ground Rules.

Thank you :-)
I started with my own cultured veg and Body ecology coconut water kefir last week after the antibiotic. Nothing has improved yet, so I want to add reinforcement. Im confused about this body of mine when it comes to cultured foods, i always read about them being the best.
I've tried so many probiotics in the past but none stand out to me. I'll try renew life this time :-)

Just a friendly reminder about our Community Ground Rules - Thanks Everyone!

I have really experienced benefit from New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora. Not inexpensive, but very effective. I find them in the refrigerator section of my local Whole Foods.  These were suggested to me by Chad Sarno & Russell James  to use when making raw, fermented nut cheeses and I started taking them to help with my life-long battle with IBS. 

In France when you have to take antibiotics they (the good doctors) make you eat at the same time yogurt. Never one without the other one! (I know it's cow milk...but better than antibiotics anyway)......

I don't know about their ginger syrup - will check it out!

Ida Ratherberaw said:

New Chapter is a great company. I love their Ginger syrup.
Hey I just saw renew life have a colon specific probiotic that includes mag. Oxide along with the probiotic that targets the colon.
OR you could add mag. Oxide on top of the probiotic if you already have some ;-)

I get all my supplementation from "Garden of Life".  They use all/mostly raw/organic ingredients.  Their products are a favorite for vegan/raw athletes.  Most the people I know that work in the "whole body" department where I work use their pro-biotic products. 


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