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Anyone here a colon therapist or knows a lot about it?

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I know there used to be one. I read her comments on a post a while back. 

Im sure someone will contact you. I have had 4 colonics. So glad I did.

Yes ma' the house!

Thank goodness :-)
I was looking for information on two things I'm sure you will have insight on.

If I was to get a home unit, what do you think of the colenz set ups. They have a simple 5 gallon bucket and a contnious flow. I liked my colonics with warm water and thought maybe that would require a continuous flows?.

Most important question I thought you would know from school and your own experience with clients -
Is it safe to have colonics once one has recovered from any or all types of colon surgery (a rectopexy with sigmoid colon resection is what I had months ago)?

I thought the doc. was who I should ask first and she had not heard of colonics so I'm researching this on my own. My previous colon therapist said 2 months after anything with the colon is what she thought but has not had a client with rectopexy & sigmoid colon resection so I wasn't sure. I hope you can share what you know or experiance with people in my shoes.
I was released at 6 weeks post op & told to take miralax and do fleet enemas. I'm really struggling having any bowel movements & have resorted to enemas most days or a lot of magnesium or senna tea sometimes. I may try miralax again but I know colonics saved me for years before surgery.
Don't worry about medical advice, I'm just wanting to know what you were taught and experience?
Thank you so so much Rita :-)

Hello Pumpkin pie!  The standard of care is no colonic for 6 months post abdominal surgery.  And, yes I think you would do well with the Colenz board.  Just a rule of thumb for you:  I would  let the water slowly enter and let that stimulate you instead of applying any pressure.  Any pressure may not be good for the sigmoid resection as it could apply too much pressure and you would want to avoid that at all cost.   There is a product called Cape Aloes that I would want to try before I subjected myself to Miralax or any laxative for that matter.  Cape Aloe is gentle and is non cramping.  If you do decide to take C.A. I would not take anything else along with it, i.e., Fleets, Miralax, or Magnesium.   It is NOT for long term use, as with any stimulant it can be very addicting.  Just make sure you would only use it to get you through a difficult time.  Also, you want to avoid constipation at all costs, which includes straining.  You may want to invest in a Squatty Potty....check out there website and watch the online video there.  This was created to allow people the correct posture for defecation.  It's a wonderful invention!  Also, increase your fiber intake to 30 grams a day, make sure you are getting plenty of water along with the fiber, at least 2 quarts a day preferably more if you can.

Blessings in your journey ~ Rita 

Thank you Rita :-)
6 months it is, but from your knowledge the surgery I had is eventually ok for colonics after 6 months?

I have been doing 2 cups of warm water enemas each time, that's not what you mean by too much pressure? I know fleets barely have any water in them but they didn't work for me.

I'm confused by "pressure", did you mean the pressure a true colonic puts on or pressure from intestinal massage (I do intestinal massage daily).

Apparntly I have some nerve damage and I don't get the urge to go or natural perastslisus in the rectum yet. That's why I massage my intestines ESP around scar tissue on lower left side. Senna tea helps bc of the taking over of perastslisus somewhat.

The fiber thing is where I'm torn bc I read fiber menace and on a raw diet I ate tons of fiber before surgery and had next to complete BMs a couple of times a day now post op I don't get one full BM a day so all that fiber is rotting in my gut, I know bc of the gas etc...

I was actually considering "low residue diet" for awhile but do you know if low residue (like white rice, fruit without skin, low fiber well cooked veg, fish) just does not make stools bc it mostly gets absorbed and used in the body?

Sorry to ask so many questions but these are things I've been looking for answers to and google doesn't explain what happens to low residue real foods in the body. I just don't want anymore back up since colonics are out for 4 more months.


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