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Think Juicing can change your life? Well, the answer is Yes!

But why.......?

Because juicing not only changes the way we think about nourishment, but it also changes our palate.

The rainbow colours in vegetable juices range from bright orange to deep green, vibrant yellow to strawberry red and deep purple. All these colours not only taste wonderful, they also change the way we think and act as well. Colours in natural foods really do alter and transform the way we think, live, act and choose.

Once you start to juice you will start to notice that the cookies, crackers and chips are not eaten as much, and the ice cream starts to ice up more and more... and white foods start to mold....because you are not addicted or attracted to those tastes any longer.

Here are a few tips to help you get started. It may take five days to get to the other side of temptation, so we ask you to change your kitchen habits for the following week while you get adjusted:

Here's the top TEN Do's....

1. Clean out your kitchen entirely. Go to your pantry first. Toss out expired foods immediately. Get rid of or give away cereals that are not 100% completely organic and 100% whole grain and no sugar. If you don't do this, you will not be able to consistently stay on the juicing regime because you will be tempted to eat these other foods that are close to you. If you have children or a husband/mate that love to eat these kinds of foods, then put them in a box.....crackers, chips, cereals.........and store them in their room or in a place that is hard to get to.

2. Thoroughly clean all your floors, cupboards, walls and countertops. This helps you prepare mentally, that your kitchen is a place of honour and respect. Once we clean it out, we will think twice about disrespecting it again with clutter and mess. Thus, we will begin to magnetize ourselves to wiser choices in foods and juices. A cluttered kitchen is a kitchen we won't use daily....... and we must use our kitchen's daily in order to achieve our goal to nourish, transform and keep ourselves vitally healthy.

3. Thoroughly clean out your refrigerator...get rid of all foods that are not 100% natural. Toss out deli meats, sweet onions, cheeses and replace with foods such as sprouts, romaine lettuce, red, orange or yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, olives and carrots. These foods make for wonderful sandwiches when sliced and shredded and placed into sandwiches with things like humus as a spread.

4. Hide appliances and/or tools that do not serve your new "Living Health" lifestyles.(example: microwaves, aluminum pans, deep fryers...etc,..) (refer to our book Live Foods/Live Bodies on page 84 for further information.)

5 Purchase living health products that you can afford. Start with the following:

1. A good, reliable and easy to clean juicer and blender
2. Dehydrator
3. Salad Spinner
4. Glass jars for storing nuts, seeds, legumes....and fresh juices (not for more than an hour.*)
5. Organic cleansers for your kitchen floors, sinks, refrigerator
6. Three different kinds of knives: 6 inch chef, paring knife and serrated knife.
7. Stainess steel cookware ONLY
8. Pressure cooker
9. Good chopping board for food prep
10. Greens container for lettuces, sprouts, spinach, etc.,.

6. Find a good Farmer's Market near your home that you can go to on the week ends or whenever they come to your neighborhood. Purchase your fresh greens such as: kale, chard, parsley, spinach, celery, dandelion greens, collard greens.

7. Find a way not to go to a restaurant for an entire week, so that way, your food nutrition is coming from your kitchen. This way, you will get the full benefit from your new juicing regime.

8. Juice once in the morning and once in the evening. Our recommendation is to juice greens in the morning! Here's a good recipe: 6 celery ribs, 1 large lime, 1 cup parsley and 3 golden delicious apples. In the evening juice: 14 carrots/1/2 beet with 1/2 of its greens/2 golden delicious or any kind of other apples/1/2 cup spinach and 1/2 cup of romaine lettuce or any other kind of greens of your choice. These two tonics should make you about 1 quart of juice daily. Our recommendations are 1.5 to 2 quarts daily, so try to add more as you go. Everybody is different, so use the first three days as a good measure to your own body.

9. Do not eat sugar or white foods during this first week.

10. Write in a journal or record your journey as you go. You will, I promise you.....find all kinds of things about yourself you didn't know about! Epiphany's ~ Awareness about yourself ~ Discovery of hidden feelings or frustrations will arise....listen to the challenges, and shortly they will transform themselves as you progress into and onto the Living Health Diet rich with lots of green and vegetable juices.

You see, this is what is so powerful about juicing. It not only transforms our palate and eating habits, but also brings light to our own personal and spiritual life.

Good Luck and Happy Juicing!

* Juices should not be stored for more than one hour. Naturally occurring plant enzymes die off and nutrients disappear as oxidation takes place. Also, bacteria builds up, so please do not store for more than a few hours, max.

In Part 2, we will give you a list of ten great starter juices and produce suggestions to begin!
Now that you have read The Beginner's Guide to Juicing (Part 1), you now have your kitchen cleaned out and ready to get prepared to 'ADD' the great foods into your kitchen that are going to bring you 'ENERGY' and 'VITALITY' and 'ENDURANCE' and 'SUPERIOR HEALTH'.

Find a good organic Farmer's Market, or an Asian Market to purchase your local produce.

Here's the BASICS to purchase for your new Juicing Regime:

1. 25 pounds of carrots
2. 15 pounds to 20 pounds of various varieties of apples
3. 2 pounds of parsley (six bunches)
4. 2 pounds of spinach (six bunches)
5. 6 lemons and 6 limes ( you can juice the skins of these)
6. 1 large bunch of chard or kale, depending on the season
7. 2 large celery stalks
8. 1 large bunch of beets with greens
9. 1/2 green cabbage
10. large fresh ginger root (3 inches round)
11. 5 pounds of oranges (never, ever juice these skins!)
12. 1 pound of dark grapes
13. 1 pineapple
14. melons in season (your choice, but never mix them in juice with other fruits or veggies)
15. grapefruits (red, white or yellow) (never juice the skins of these, ever!)

These are your BASICS for a good week for a family of 4-6
If you are alone, cut in by 75%, or if it's just for two pepole, cut it by 50%.

When you get home from the Market, take all your greens and fill your sink up with cold water, and add pesticide remover (even if they are organic). soak for 5 minutes and then dry them well with a salad spinner and then coat the lining of zip lock plastic bags with paper towels, and then put the greens inside the plastic bag. They will last a good WEEK preserved this way.

Another good tip: Take a half of a lemon and squeeze it into the fresh water where your greens are, and the greens will taste fresher after 5 days, but never let your greens stay in the fridge more than 7 days, except for parsley. It's actually an herb, not considered a green like spinach or lettuce.

Regarding your carrots. Take your 25 pound bag (you should be able to buy them organically for about $15.00) and take all the carrots out of the bag and fill your sink up. Soak in pesticide wash as well, and then cut off each end of the carrots, and then store in the fridge for future use. We put our carrots into our produce bins in the fridge without any bags. Just set them inside, row by row, so that when you are juicing, it is easy to just reach in and take what you want out.

Lemons and limes and apples we also refrigerate, because colder apples JUICE MUCH BETTER, no matter if you have a greenstar or a pulp ejector or a press. It's just a fact.

Beets, celery, cabbage, grapes, pineapples all need to be refrigerated as well, but don't cut off your greens from the beets until you are ready to juice. Your beet greens will last longer this way, and PLEASE make sure to trim your beets, as they can grow mold and ugly spots on them. So before you buy the beets, make sure to check to see if they are in good shape, as sometimes beets are so dark, that the mold spots and dirty spots are hard to detect.

We do not refrigerate our melons. When you are ready to juice your melons and pineapples, make sure you also soak them in a good organic wash as well, and when you decide to juice them, juice their SKINS....these skins have a lot of nutrients right under their skin. If these melons or pineapples are not organic, do not use the skins, even if you soak them. Pineapples are very prickly, and even if you soak them, a lot of dirt and/or pesticde residues are on them, so it's best not to juice the pineapple skins.

We usually make a solid green tonic in the mornings
Part 3
This is the last of our 3 Part Series on Juicing, and the most fun!

I am going to give you the top four Juicing Basic Recipes that will help you get started in a way that is in harmony with the Great Master Teachers, Dr. Gerson and Dr. Walker.

Here is Dr. Gerson's Basic Vegetable Recipe:

10 Carrots
2 Apples

The reasons why Dr. Gerson used apples with carrots is because there is a chemical in apples, that, when pressed with carrots, it creates a powerfully healing combination.

**This is a great tonic for children! They will love the colour and it's a good Basic Tonic for introducing juicing to your children, and/or husbands or wives who are not too keen on greens in their juice. Also, this is a good tonic for the elderly who have trouble with greens.

Here's Basic Combination #2:

10 carrots
2 apples
1/2 beet

This is a fantastic basic Juice Recipe that tastes sweet yet it is quite cleansing due to the beets combined with the carrots and apples. Not only is this a good basic tonic, it also has powerfully cleansing properties for our liver.

**This is a great tonic for teenagers who don't really like juice, but tolerate the carrot/apple, and are looking to add some more veggies. Also this would be good for your husband and/or wife who is looking to be a bit more adventuresome. We don't recommend this tonic for children under 5 years old, due to the detoxifying strength of beets.

Here's Basic Combination #3:

10 carrots
2 apples
1/2 beet
1 handful parsley
1 handful spinach

This is an even more powerfully cleansing combination of juices, whereby when we add the greens, we are now working on the digestive tract and the liver/gall bladder. This will taste more 'green' but still will be sweeter than one would expect, due to the carrots and apple's sweetness.

**This is a good tonic for adults who are not too keen on juicing, but have already tried the carrot apple and beet and like it. We don't recommend this tonic for children under 5 years old.

From these BASICS you can add the following to your Carrot/Apple combination:

Celery and their leaves
Green Cabbage
Red Cabbage (a bit stronger in taste)
Beet Greens
Collard Greens
Rainbow Chard
Alfalfa Greens (very bitter but great for your liver)
Dandelion Greens
Romaine Lettuce
Bok Choy
Brussell Sprouts
String Beans


Tips for Juicing:

Do make your vegetable juices more than 50% greens, unless you ease into it within ten days of juicing daily, otherwise your stomach will become distended, lots of detoxification will occur too fast, and you could also get a case of diarrhea, so be careful with the greens and start slowly, adding about 20% greens for the first week, then add an additional 10% each week until you get to 50%.

If you want a good SuperGreen TONIC, this is something we recommend to do on a daily basis, after you have gone a few weeks or more juicing up to 50% greens with carrot juice combinations.

This is our basic GREEN Tonic:

5 Celery Stalks
1 medium Lime
1 cup Parlsey
2 Golden Delicious Apples

You can ADD any of our GREENS mentioned above to this tonic, such as Wheatgrass or Spinach, or Kale or Chard or even Collard Greens.

If you want to tone down the green juices, then add CUCUMBER.
Here's to Fresh Juice!
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