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There was a posting recently with a concern raised about how to get protein into your diet when you are juicing.

In his book "The Detox Miracle Sourcebook" Robert Morse writes that protein is created from chained amino acids, the body has to break down what we eat to extract the elements it needs. So as protein is made up of amino acids (which in turn are made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and iron) part of the digestive process is to break down what we take in into its simplest form. So as long as we get all of these forms in our diet we are satisfying our body's needs. There is a wonderful paragraph that makes so much sense in reply to the question of whether we need complete protein in one sitting (for example meat). Robert Morse writes "Raw foodists who eat a balanced variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts are never deficient in the amino acids necessary for health. Quite the opposite. Plant amino acids are more energetic and easy for your body to break down and use. Meat requires a more radical and energy-robbing digestive process to obtain the amino acids that comprise it. The other important factor here is that meat protein leaves an acid reaction in the body, creating more acidosis, whereas vegetables leave an alkaline reaction, thus cutting acidosis."

Lastly i would like to leave you with a summary of the average % of calories in vegetables and nuts for some good alternative sources:

  • Sprouts 55%;
  • Green leafy vegetables 35-50%;
  • Nuts & Seeds 12-20%;
  • Other vegetables 10- 45%;
  • Grains 8-20%;
  • Fruits 1-10%

So feed what you can through the chute of your juicer to add a blast of protein rich vegetables into your diet and keep your juices as green as you can !

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Dr. Morse rocks! It's true, juice lots of veggies if you need more protein. I find that one pounding the veggie juices has a sleeker look then fitness/body builders who do animal protein. Muscles don't fill out as much.

Side note for someone needing to speed up detox or rebuilding - his herbs are really pure. Some were even to strong for me with minor issues I'm addressing.

Oh I agree about herbs, i must admit i can juice them now but i had to build up slowly, my first adventure with herbs had me heaving as i sipped!

Yes, one needs to detox then slowly build to glandular formulas. I detoxed on raw foods high fruit but then jumped straight to glandulars. I ran into some scares that way :(. one should do herbal formulas before glandulars. But if you jump into glandulars do at least a month on lowest dose. Ellie I know you know this, I'm sure some here may not. We can save them the trouble :).


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