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Glean from Jay's wisdom...


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The Beginner's Guide to Juicing by Jay Kordich

Cheers!!!  : )  Bottoms up!!

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Thank you so much, Susan, for posting these. What a testimony he how a body responds to living foods!!! They are rawkstars!!! And, so are U!!!!xoxo~Rita~/~
yes, just use a nutmilk bag to strain it!

kevin smith said:
Thank you for these clips! He seems amazing! I'm going to try some of his concoctions in my Vita-Mix... I don't have a "juicer" but will see how it turns out with the pulp.
i have loved jay since i was in college and got my first the time i had just become a vegetarian and was only just getting into health foods, but i loved making the juices in the book i had of his (i was a "junk food" vegetarian for well over 6 years, but a lot of that was because of the fact that i had been raised on SAD but wanted to be vegetarian, and had no idea what a healthy vegetarian was supposed to eat, so i basically just tried to eat the same foods i was raised on with the exception of taking away meat and susituting it with tofu or sietan, at that point i think the jice i made in my juicer was just about the only truly healthy thing i consumed).
Nice clips! Always refreshing to hear about the benefits of juicing.
Jay is the reason I got into juicing. A great man with a great story. His books and Juice machines are top notch. Still using my original Juiceman.Getting a little rundown though.

I was surfing around RFR looking for some inspiration and motivation and found this. Thanks Susan. I needed this. Amazing How you feel a little beat down and somthing just pops into your life to pick you up. Even the little things mean a lot.
Loved the vids-thanks for sharing them♥
This is informative and inspirational!  Thanks for sharing these with us!
what an amazing man! I love his passion. I had no idea that carrot + apple was that powerful. I've been neglecting my carrots!!  needless to say, i'll be picking some up tomorrow.    :)
Wish I had a juicer!
Gotta try the nut mylk...I watched the video 3x, awesome-totally easy!
Just made 2 qts of almond mylk with my Juice Pro...I'm stoked! Awesome!

Wow! Thank you for posting! Very inspiring!



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