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Hi Everyone: I'm new and my name is Sandra Weaver. I have never met anyone who didn't like this recipe. I hope you do too. It's healthy, easy, fast and it keeps well in the refrigerator. Nice combo.

Raw Vegan Taco Meat

3-4 cups of mostly pecans and walnuts. You can add brazil nuts of other nuts and seeds if you like instead

2-4 raw garlic cloves (to taste)

3 tbsp. Chili Powder (to taste)

1/4 tsp. Chipotle (to taste)

Cayenne (optional)

Bragg's aminos (to taste)

Place all the ingredients except the aminos in a food processor and blend to a ground meat consistency. Next add the aminos and blend again. It will clump together, but will look like meat. 

For the most nutrition and ease on the stomach, soak the nuts and seeds overnight and dehydrate before using. I always have plenty of soaked and dehydrated nuts on hand for these a quick meal.

Next make condiments of chopped onions, peppers, cilantro or parsley, graded carrot, red cabbage, sprouts, graded zucchini (for cheese) or whatever other additions you would like to make. Put some nut meat inside of a Romaine leaf, add your condiments and enjoy. Or, you can make a taco salad by simply sprinkling the nut meat on top. Enjoy!

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I love the car idea. It can get warm in there. Thank for pitting up with me but this recipe sounds too good not to master.

Sandra Weaver said:

Hi Kathleen:  You know I was going to suggest it. It should be a sunny day and the warmer the better. I used to put a piece of clean screen like you have on a window over the top and put the nuts or whatever into a long casserole or something and wrap the screen under it to keep bugs out and just put it in the sun all day. It will probably take about three or four days for nuts at this time of year, but you'll know when you bit into one. You should bring the nuts into the refrigerator at night. It should be crunchier than before you soaked them. Another option is to put them in the car, crack all the windows and put the car in the sun. I used to put stuff on the dashboard of the car and it dried beautifully. Hope it works for you.


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