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I did a search earlier, but amazingly did not come up with an answer. I am currently learning about sprouting. I have one large sprouter jar full of nicely sprouting Mung beans. So I wanted to sprout some black eye peas, since I have tons on hand. Info is hit and miss about weather you can actually eat raw black eye pea sprouts.


Long story short, has anyone here eaten raw black eye bean sprouts? Should I just use these sprouts in cooked recipes? I saw a black eye pea and pasta recipe, which is the whole reason I thought I could sprout them.


I really just want to eat them raw, but will cook them so they don't go to waste, if need be. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I would have assumed that, like black beans and soybeans, that eating these raw would be toxic and tend to bother your tummy. However, I do see there are instructions available for sprouting black eye peas. I haven't personally eaten these raw OR sprouted as I prefer these cooked anyway!

Is this the recipe you saw for black eye peas sprouts pasta?


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