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I have read conflicting information on this subject.  I am wondering if anyone knows for sure if raw sprouted black beans are toxic?  

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I've read that, too.  But, if you're not 100% raw, you can sprout and cook the black beans and being sprouted is much better for you.  You might want to try an experiment that I haven't done yet and that would be to sprout the black beans and then blanch them for 60 seconds in boiling water before using them raw.  Just a suggestion.  I don't know if that would work or not.  Guess we have to do more research.

Hello - thanks for your reply!  I actually went ahead and did just what you said - sprouted and blanched and guess what - I got sick!  So I have made the decision that beans might be a food item that I can eat cooked or not at all.  I definitely won't be eating uncooked black beans again!  I have tried chickpeas many times and they are fine, and lentls are wonderful . . . black beans, not so much LOL

This is good information to know. I had not heard this. I have always cooked my black beans. And, sprouted chick peas and lentils...hmmm...not sure why...just has always worked out that way. Thanks for the info.


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