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I'm a rookie gardener, so bear with me here :)  What's going in your gardens this Fall?  Right now I'm planning on planting collard greens, spinach, and cilantro. Right now we have a tomato plant going in our garden, but it's lagging behind as we got her late in the summer (early july?).  And we have some green beans.  

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I well be planting my broccoli seeds I’ve saved from last winter crop. I’ll also be planting cabbage so I can try my hand at sauerkraut. I’ll probable also plant spinach, and cilantro. I’m cleaning out my spring beds now and will be planting on Labor Day. I grow wheatgrass year around. My herb garden is still going strong but I‘m thinking I may dehydrate some .

Hi Diana, I didn't get my tomatoes in until the beginning of July either. I have green beans coming up from seed, celery, zucchinis, cucumbers, cilantro, basil. I also have an old Swiss chard plant that I am still harvesting leaves from although they are a little bit tough.  I plan to plant some snap peas  in a month or so. So much work but very gratifying when you can make a chopped salad from your own garden.


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