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Survival Gardening Tips: Planting an Edible Food Garden at Home / John Kohler

John encourages everyone to start a survival garden to survive.

Learn what to grow and more in this gardening video.



Learn more about home gardening with John, click here


Lawn are stupid...another awesome video with John


John's youtube channel is awesome! Check it out!

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Wonderful info Susan
wow, this is great stuff. thanks Susan!
thanks darling
Thanks for sharing this Susan!!! I didn't get a summer garden in this year but am planning on a fall garden - hope to get it started in Sept...plan to grow GREENS!!!
I love John's videos. I don't even have a garden yet, but he has made me realize that, with this raw foods lifestyle, I really could grow a significant amount of my family's food in our little yard. That's exciting and, since we've been paying for organics and large quantities of fresh produce this year, even my dh is becoming more interested in growing our own. Cool.
He's got a great series of videos I subscribe to.
I listened to a very long interview by Dr. Shiv Chopra the Health Canada whistleblower who was fired from his job for insubordination refusing to sign re0combinant bovine growth hormone (rbgh) as safe for our Canadian food supply . He advocates disarming the powered corporations that control food production world wide; incorporating hormones, antibiotics , genetically modified organisms, pesticides herbacidses and fungacides, by growing your own food . He described where he took salvaged vinyl window frames and used them to build raised beds .
Thank you Susan! I watched John's video with the spiral slicer yesterday. I didn't know he is a gardener!!! I can only garden in my front yards, because the dogs rule the backyard. :-)
P.S. Just got my new spiral slicer yesterday for my birthday! We're making zucchini spaghetti tonight.


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