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We have a lot of dogs in our neighborhood.  And they love to grace my day lilies out front by my mail box.  I read somewhere that if you spread orange peels it would deter them.  So when I make juice I save those orange peels, grind them up in the food processor and take them out to the front and sprinkle them all around.  even in the grass. IT WORKS..  My Dog Charlie won't even go there anymore.  My day lilies are doing wonderful this year. 

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Also good for detering cats :)

What a great idea!  Thanks for sharing!

Do you think it would work for deer?

I did a silly search for you Nancy would you believe - I know to much time on my hands LOL.

Anyway, apparently deer hate the smell of dryer sheets - cut them into 3 or 4 pieces and stick them inside of plants.  Apparently this person has not had a problem since!  Good luck :)

Thanks, Marianne.  That is an interesting solution.  Of all the things we have tried over the years, only fences really work.  But I will have to give this a try.  Thanks for taking the time to research this!

You are welcome, happiest when I am researching for something LOL.

I am so glad I read this.....thanks for sharing


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