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Does anyone have a strong opinion or great advice on a great rain barrel brand and/or type?  I'd like to collect rain water to make my compost teas and save water of course.  There's so many to choose from.

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Use a 55 gallon barrel from a recycle place, put a faucet on the bottom about 6 inches from the bottom, put a screen on the top and stick it under a downspout------voila--rain barrel.  I've made many and all for less than 65 dollars MAX.  Google rain barrel images and there are some really pretty ones!!

Make sure you put the spout up high enough so that you can either put a hose on it or put a bucket under it. Elevating the barrel does the same thing, of course.

I've seen several put together with connecting hoses a few inches from the top, great for catching rain,not so good for getting it all out. I've also seen them connected at the bottom and a manifold placed over the line of barrels where they all get filled and only one has the hose bib on the bottom of the barrel.

Have fun!


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