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Hey, everyone. We just finished putting in some new raised beds in our garden and I am left with a bit of the yard/grass that is need of being reseeded.

I was going to buy some at the big-box store this morning when my inner voice wonders about GMO, etc.

I put the grass clippings in my compost so I don't want to add any "Franken-stuff" along with them.

I know I have a tendency to over-worry and I have no idea what's the origin of the grass we currently have (we've been here 3+ years) but I'm just wondering I anyone knows of a safe, commercially available grass seed.

Thanks for entertaining my "silly" question :-)

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i don't have the answer for you Clay - just wanted to say that I don't think that there are any 'silly' questions here in the 'Hab - I so welcome each and every perspective, and every question leads to more learning - so bring it on!

Hi Clay. I'm not 100% sure of this answer but I am willing to bet that you are not going to like the answers that you get or what you find out after you do the research. Unless it is a wild grass that you plan on planting then all the other grasses have been produced to be what they are today. Some of the grasses have been made to be drought resistance and others have been engineered to withstand some poisons that people may use to kill weeds. Now does that sound familiar? It should because one of the downfalls that have been engineered into our crops is that they are poison resistance. So I have no idea how you are going to get seedlings for wild grass but all the other grasses have been engineered. I am interested to hear what you find out. Thanks Bill

Bill, I assumed this to be the case and the grass that is currently growing is most likely modified in some manner. Thanks for your insight.

Although I'd like to "clean up" as much as I can this might be one of those things I will have to accept as out of my control for right now.

The more I read the more freaked out I get but I think I need to pick my battles.

Thanks again for your input, Bill.
Janet, thanks :-)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting too strict. It seems like every week I hear about a mainstream "famous" name in the raw/vegan world that had abandoned the very thing they had been promoting and stating how they became too militant and was not healthy.

This gets me second guessing myself...

Everything in moderation, eh?

how about planting something there besides grass? something edible or a soft (on little feet) ground cover from an organic nursery that you trust. just thinkin'

Great ideas :-)

I have four 2' x 24' beds separated by a 2' walk way. I thought once I would place flat stones instead of grass (but that would be quite a bit of stone).

Luckily, I still have some time to figure this.

I post pictures when I do :-)

Clay - do you follow John Kohler? his YouTube channel - Grow Your Greens has some great features on converting lawn to edible yard. 


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