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Here’s a great tip on how to make your money go further. Go to your grocery store and grab a package of Celery like in the picture above. Once you’ve gotten it take it home and cut off the bottom of the Celery about one inch up. The picture below shows you about where to cut it and what it should look like.

Your next step is simple. Take the cut off piece and place it in a shallow bowl of warm water. After that either place it in the window or take it outside.

In a couple days after placing it in the bowl you will start to see new leaves growing on the top and roots growing out of the bottom. At this point you can now transplant the Celery into your garden or a growing container. Just plant the whole thing in the soil with the leaves just above the soil.

In about a week the Celery should look similar to this. Remember to water your plants on a regular basis but don’t flood them. Some plants might not make it and some will that’s just the rule of nature!

In a couple more weeks the plant should be striving and growing like a weed. It will start to look like this at that stage.

Once the plant fully grows you can cut the stalks off as needed. The plant will continue to grow the entire growing season. After that you can transplant it indoors and continue to grow it all winter as long as you have a sunny enough area.

You may want to also consider using fertilizer, compost, or manure for the plants because they require a lot of nutrients to grow. Also get rid of any weeds around the plant because they will steal all the nutrients from the plants around them causing stimulated or no growth at all.

The last step in the growing process is to take a soda bottle or milk jug and cut the top and bottom of the containers off and place it around the plant. You do this because it will force the Celery to grow straight up instead of branching off and taking up a lot of room in your garden or growing container. Here’s a photo to show you how to do that.

That’s pretty much it! Enjoy saving yourself some money at the grocery store and also enjoy your healthy food that you grew yourself!

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thanks for re-posting Susan!

That was wonderful! I love it! Thank you!

Do you have anymore ways to regrow seeds, pits, or parts from produce from the store or farmer's markets? I don't think an avocado tree will grow well in Missouri, but I always regret throwing away the pit!


Wow! Thanks so much for posting this Susan!

Like an idiot, I've been trying to find 'celery seeds' everywhere ;D hahahahaaa

This will make my life so much easier!

I've heard its very hard to get a home-grown avocado plant to actually bear fruit :( But they are such pretty plants I was thinking of starting one any way. I love the way you get the seed started and that it just "cracks" open with the new bud as roots grown down. SO COOL! I'm gonna try it. If not this season then next ... soon I'll need a bigger house to hold all my plants during winter :)

Christine Cassidy said:

I bury my kitchen scraps in my planting beds year round and I have avocados and date palms sprouting up everywhere! They get extra fertilizer because the worms are eating all the scraps around them. Try this for a while and see if they don't come up for you too (unless of course, you don't have a garden to do this in), then you can just pot them up and bring them inside because they won't like the cold winter. I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico and we get full on winter with below freezing temperatures here so I know it will work where you are too.

Supermom said:

That was wonderful! I love it! Thank you!

Do you have anymore ways to regrow seeds, pits, or parts from produce from the store or farmer's markets? I don't think an avocado tree will grow well in Missouri, but I always regret throwing away the pit!


My celery is next to the sink in a bowl with a little water, and new growth is coming up through the center! Will plant outside soon! So exciting to me!

Why not?  I am going to try this too!

The best and most amazing thing about lettuce, besides eating it, is that if the stump is intact it will regenerate and regrow new shoots for a second harvest. Above is a photograph of three romaine “stumps” in various levels of regrowth. All I did was put each stump in a half inch of water, check the level daily, and wait for tender new growth.

I am growing the romaine in a basement window well, and that explains the VERY dirty window in the photo as it is below ground level and gets a lot of run-off from the sides of the house and mud spatters from ground. The setting for the lettuce doesn’t look very nice, but it is the perfect environment for regrowing leafy greens…cool and bright all day. Give it a try the next time you have a head of lettuce with the stem still intact. You have nothing to lose and a free harvest of lettuce to gain.

Important Tip: Romaine Lettuce is one type of produce that is easy to find in the organic form. It is often packaged as three heart of romaine and it pays to spend just a dollar or two more and have your salad free from any unnecessary pesticides.

I'll try it, too!

I tossed a perfectly lovely lettuce 'stump' into compost the other day and was having the thought, hey wait a minute, wouldn't it work just like celery? and voila! here it is. Next time, the remainder will go into earth not compost!

I think I will have to try this too.  I found a romaine stump sprouting in my compost recently along with several little cantaloupe plants!  When I think of all the romaine hearts I go through, I could fill a pretty large space.  I wonder if it is too hot to grow the lettuce during the summer months?  I don't have a basement but maybe I  could grow them in pots on my patio in a part shade/part sun spot.  I do well with herbs there.


THank you so much!!

oh i can't wait to try this next year!  :)

Sweet! Can't wait to try this. Due to crazy weather, celery (one of my all time snack faves!) is ridiculously expensive in Australia. Yuuuussss! 

I cannot wait to start saving some money ... We go through celery like crazy. A plus, my kids might even enjoy doing this!


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