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Seaweed Salad Ideas.. ?

My DH said he would LOVE for me to make him a raw seaweed salad.

I've never made one and wondered what brand dehydrated seaweed works best (he loves the seaweed salad at most Japanese restaurants).

I have only heard about buying dehydrated and soaking it. I have tried kelp noodles before and like them but this is not what he is requesting I don't think..

Anyone that can help I would much appreciate it! I love that he has a raw request!

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I make seaweed salad all the time, but I've never used dried seaweed. I shop at an Asian grocery store where they have all kinds but in the refrigerator section have raw seaweed specifically for salads and other dishes. I posted my version of seaweed salad on a blog that I had... As for brand, there are so many that I've seen so I think any would do. I've never gravitated to one specific brand. And if you're wondering about types of seaweed just about any would be good; kombu, wakame and hijiki would be good options. I love to snack on seasoned laver and think that would make a good salad but it's not raw.

I hope this helped some.


Hi Cheryl,

Thank you!

We have a huge Oriental mkt. here in Orlando and I bet they may have some!  Adding it to my grocery list.

Yeah!  Also thank you for the type of seaweed suggestions.  There are so many. 

what a 'coincidence' that I have some Arame soaking since this morning - I'll be making a seaweed salad for lunch.  I use the dried varieties - Arame is my favorite (small string-like shapes - come in bulk in my health food store) and you can also get packages with a few different varieties mixed which could be a good way to see what you like.

I soak for a while - 20 min or more is usually enough time to soften - then drain and add in sliced cucumber, minced ginger, coconut aminos, and sesame seeds - that's the basic salad - then if I want to chop up some bok choy or other greens and maybe some diced avocado - that's great too.

have fun exploring and creating! 

yummmy!  I had a lovely seaweed salad last night -so fresh and refreshing-in the heat wave we are experiencing here in Northern California)  - and I thought of my friends in this fun little conversation. Blessings to you all.


Ida the one with the fresh ginger sounds SO good and I love sesame oil. 

Janet THANK you for sharing Arame has "small string-like shapes".. I was really wanting to try for as close as I can for the type you get in a Japanese place and the small strands will be perfect. 

I am excited.. I think I will get the Arame and make the salad a day ahead of time so it soaks up all the gingery goodness!

Thank you so much my lovely friends! 


hi darlings Daisy & Ida & Cheryl - I am grateful for this conversation and sea veggie inspiration. Daisy, I know exactly the Japanese seaweed salad consistency you are going for - I love it too, and Cheryl provided a great suggestion to try Asian Market - so I am on the hunt for the other kind too (beyond ARame). Good tip from Ida about not soaking the Arame for too long - I totally agree.

And, I was thinking that often there is a kind of Miso dressing that goes on the Japanese salad. I am going to see if I can make something like that with chick pea miso and coconut aminos and ginger with a touch of sesame oil -mmmmm doesn't that sound good!  blessings to you 


Well thank you for the tip Ida!

I've never made one but I am going to figure it out.  I absolutely love the one at the restaurants and want to try to make one close.. and then branch out.  I'm excited!! 

Janet your miso sounds GREAT.. I want a crazy amt. of ginger as we love it.   I have coconut aminos on my list to try soon..  I know the one we get has a few red pepper flakes on it too. 


Would this be the seaweed salad that is found in the little pockets (not sure what they are made of)  I LOVE THIS DELICATE, SWEET seaweed salad. I usually get this on a sushi bar. Any ideas? 


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