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It has been said in various places that we should create a personal collection of 10-20 favorite recipes to help our success with the raw food diet. For organizing purposes, I've been experimenting with recipes to determine what I really like, is easy to make and to add to my personal list of "core recipes."   I have added to my list so far  - smoothies, a salad, a great recipe for Judy's Chili (in the Kitchen added by Susan).

Please list your favorite core recipes by name, description and I have Penni's approval for you to add any outside links.  I think it will be so helpful to get an idea of how everyone plans and what you are enjoying as your "Go -To" recipes!

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I seem to have the following handy most weeks. They stay for several days at least and easy to grab and expand upon.

Macadamia Feta Cheese - changes plain salads into special
Banana covered walnuts
Ani's donut holes - great traveling food
apple cake (from the eholiday book) great traveling food
cinnamon, flax, raisin "toast" - great topped with applesauce in the morning
green smoothies
green juices
taco meat - good dolloped on salads or in a collard wrap
Bubbie's tuna salad - too good
Brisket (from the eholiday book) - good on its own or add a slice on top of a salad or in a wrap
asian marinated broccoli with raw peanuts
persimmons - I will cry when the season is over
cherry tomatoes
raw sauerkraut
cucumbers (I can make a meal out of those last three items together sprinkled with dill)
apple, carrot, raisin, cranberry and cinnamon breakfast bowl - my go-to breakfast lately

Foods Alive Mexican Harvest organic flax crackers
Ruth's Chia Goodness cereal (I top with a banana and almond milk)
Artisana 100% organic Cacao Bliss - a candy treat right out of the jar ... amazing!!!

Still working on this but so far..

Green juice/green smoothies everyday!
Some sort of nut pate or "taco meat" etc. to put on crackers, in lettuce wraps, on salads, etc.
Kale chips, raw popcorn
flax crackers, veggie crackers
Hemp mylk- for cereals, mylk shakes, smoothies, or to just drink.
Ice cream is always great
Tomato basil soup is my fav but many other raw soups.
1. Green Smoothie every morning
2. Blueberry pie
3. Judy's Chili
4. Flaxseed crackers
5. Asian salad
6. Pesto Zucchini Pasta
7. Banana/Apple with cinnamon (pudding consistency)
8. Papaya/Banana (pudding consistency)
9. Raw burgers
10. Salads with lots of greens and veggies with Bragg Liquid Aminos as dressing

Still in the works
1. Smoothies (Banana or mixed with berries or spinach)
2. Juice: (carrot apple strawberry, spinach carrot romaine apple, orange grapefruit)
3. Red Pepper Bisque (Raw for the Holidays e-book)
4. Taco salad
5. Zuccini w/ marinara

I need at least 5 more things to try!
6. Cashew butter cookies (mixed with lots of coconut flakes)
7. Portobello mushroom burgers w/ bbq sauce
8. Flax crackers
9. Kale chips w. chedda cheez
10. Pie (blueberry, strawberry, pecan - Raw for the Holidays)
11. Fruit salad (grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, walnuts)
12. Almond milk
13. Salad
14. Cashew butter (supposed to be just for recipes, but makes it my mouth by the spoonful)
15. Coleslaw w/ honey mustard dressing
i am always trying new things. I suppose that's because I am less strapped for time than I was when I was working 50+hours a week. When I did work, I just focused on having a few things:

raw dip (usually did sunflower seed cheese)
raw crackers to last a week
some kind of raw treat like pecan spice cookies
salad dressing recipe

I just concerned myself with having PLENTY of these things for salads and snacks and then the rest was smoothies. I made other more complex recipe on the weekend.

Now I like to have have around:
nut milk
spread or dip
raw crackers or chips
buckwheat cereal

the rest varies a LOT!
Here are 20 favorite suggestions that I enjoy:

1- 2 quarts of green juice ( kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, ginger, meyer lemon, sour green apple )
2.soups of all kinds some favorites are celery soup, cream of tomato
3. A HUGE salad made with mixed greens,some angel hair red beets, carrots, yellow pepper,cucumber,currants, sunflower seeds, avocado ( dressing usually lemon ) Whatever is in the house I use
4.sprouted barley chili
5.butternut squash & walnut rice salad
6. Waldorf salad
7.Jicama , pear salad over mixed greens
8. Monks bowl ( made with a 1/2 cup of a grain with spinach,mushroom and some miso broth
9.Broccolini and cheese (made with pine nuts)
10.Carrot ginger soup with a few crackers
11. Eggplant pizza
12.Collard green wraps with mango
13. Salmon Pate with a green salad
14.Sprouted barley chili
15.Cauliflower,parsley,mint risotto
16.Pinapple lime gazpacho with a cracker
17. BLT's made with Eggplant bacon, cranberry mayo, lettuce tomato and onion bread(Onion bread I make every two weeks )
18.Apple breakfast Bars ( apples, walnuts, dried cranberry or currants and ground flax seed )
19.Stuufed mushrooms with a salad
20. Juice Juice Juice.. I LOVE my green juice.. I sometimes guzzle it like I am dehydrated..
Here are my top favorites, hyper-linked to the original recipe as best as possible:

1. Green Based Juice (example)
2. Green Smoothies
3. Dehydrated Jalapeño Corn Chips
4. Salsa....the spicier the better!
5. Guacamole or just avocado slices - Raw For The Holiday's eBook
6. Zucchini pasta w/ fresh marinara & rawmesean cheese
7. Big Salads w/ lots of color & a great dressing
8. Raw Soups....I have about 5 I go to regularly - 3 on this site and 2 in Raw for the Holidays eBook
9. Kale Chips - you'll have to scroll down just a bit.
10. Key Lime Pie
11. Buckwheat Crispies
12. Almond Rosemary Crackers
13. Chia Coconut Custard Shake
14. raw hummus w/ carrots, red bell peppers, etc.
15. raw yogurt & granola w/ fruit
16. raw chili
17. taco salad w/ spicy taco "meat" (made from nuts) will post to the kitchen later
18. corn tostada - from Raw Food Cleanse
19. raw lasagna - Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney
20. nut pates for lettuce wraps
Here is my list

1 Green Smoothies (basic: 1 head Romaine, 1 head Spinach (rotate greens like swiss chard, kale, etc.) 3-6 bananas, water)
2 Ice Cream ....Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry variations
3 Judy's Chili, of course
4 Spanish Rice
5 Kale Chips (also make them with Collards, delish) There are several recipes for this in the Kitchen also!
6 Almond milk, 2 x daily
7 Biscotti
8 Granola I make many variations of this recipe.
9 Veggie Crackers/Chips make them thick and thin With Pico Degio
10 Raw Cheese cake">Cheesekake....Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry variations
11 Maranara Sauce with spaghetti, angel hair pasta
12 Carrot Cake
13 Cinnamon Rolls uses up almond meal left over from almond milk
14 Corn bread crackers uses up almond meal
15 Marinated Veggies
16 Cucumber/Avocado Soup
17 Gaspazcho
18 Calzones
19 Fruit Leathers...Banana, Cranberry Apple
20 Onion Bread
The food medicine I am enjoying this winter = 100% Vegan, High Raw
1. Green Juice - 1-3x daily (CHARDonnay, Pipe Cleaner, Liver Liberator)
2. Kale soup
3. Broccoli pesto or Penni's Pistachio Pesto (I add in garlic) on veggie noodles
4. Trail mix (pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, goji berries, raisins)
5. Almost raw popcorn (cauliflower, nutritional yeast, salt)
6. Veggies on cooked or sprouted ancient grains (amaranth, millet, quinoa)
7. Chocolate Fudge (posted by Susan)
8. Crudite w/seed pate or nut cheese
9. Herbal infusions (medicinal tea)
10. Mashed banana with cinnamon and coconut flakes
11. Chia seeds soaked in orange juice
I am still working on my list, but this is what I have so far:

1. trail mix
2. salads with LOTS of colorful veggies (re and yellow peppers, cucumbers, radish carrots, sprouts)
3. Green smoothies EVERY DAY -- LOTS!
4. Fruit salad
5. Nut butter with an apple
6. raw vegetable "sushi"
7. raw "spring rolls"
8. zucchini pasta with raw "tomato sauce"
9. Go Raw! bars
10. Hail Merry Chocolate tart
11. veggies with dip
12. raw date cookies
13. home made guacamole with yellow squash "chips"
14. raw taco lettuce wraps
15. young coconut mixed with almost any kind of fruit
16. almond milk
17. cucumbers, red onions, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), and fresh dill
18. green juice
19. kale
1. 1/2 tsp. Royal Jelly
2. Green Juice: any leafy green, cucumber, apple with e3Live shot
3. Beet/Carrot/Apple/Ginger Juice: if this doesn't completely fill you up, nothing will : )
4. Green Smoothy: usually spinach or green leaf lettuce, bananas, goji, 2-3 strawberries, chia, e3Live shot
5. Young Coconut Smoothy: meat & water from one coconut, spinach, sun fire salt
6. Pears with Raw Cacao frosting, (I eat this daily! Cacao frosting: 1 cup cacao powder & 2 avacodos blended with agave, sun fire salt, and vanilla bean)
7. Carrot Soup: Raw Food Real World recipe - (I get most of the labor done at my local juice bar then blend in the avacado when I get home. Makes two large servings, portable.)
8. Dried Mango - no sulfur dioxide
9. Raw Honey on a spoon with 1 tsp. bee pollen
10. Whole, fresh pineapple rings, or fresh pineapple juiced before going to bed, have heard it helps you fall asleep.


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