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I’ve been thinking about doing a juice feast or a liquid only and was looking for someone to do it with me

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Hi Kathleen,

I had my lunch for breakfast so I can start at lunch time the liquid feast!!! I am lucky where I live there is a lace to get juices (didn't have time this morning of course) so I have no idea what juice I will get for lunch but tonight I will have carrots and kale (I still have a huge amount of kale in my garden) I will put as many things as i have in my fridge.

In the morning I will have a  green smoothie (they fill me up better than juices so I don't get hungry at work).

Happy you are on day 3!!! Great!!!! Thanks for having me doing this with you!

How are you doing? My second day, I already have no more cravings, just a little hungry  and I have found on this site, in the "Liquid Lounge", dozens of recipes of liquids!!!! Breakfast: large vegetables juice and I will take with me 2 smoothies for lunch for at work ( I will put a lot of frozen berries so they keep longer). Have a great day!!!!!

I’m doing better. The first 3 days (Friday, Saturday n Sunday) were rough but yesterday I started getting more energy. I stay full but I still have cravings. What kind of vegetables are you juicing. I’m just finishing up my carrot n cucumber juice. I’ll have to juice again tomorrow. Have a great day 2!!!

I am juicing: carrots, kale, parsley, cucumber, salad, beets, I put an apple too or a pear. I make smoothies too. The first days are not easy I must admit but it is OK, it is actually very nice to do it with someone else, so again thank you for posting this liquid feast request!!!!

carrots, kale, parsley, cucumber, beet and apple sounds like a good combination. What do you mean by "salad"?

I'm not sure what I'm juicing tomorrow. I still have carrots and cucumber and bell pepper so I guess that's what I'll juice. And I always put lemon n ginger in every juice.  Kale is one of the most nutritious green. Great that you have some in your garden.

I mostly juice what I have and what is on season, tonight i did a smoothie pineaple + banana...yummy!!!

By salad I mean green like lettuce, romaine (in French, and I am French, the word "salad" means all the salads that exists without being precise). I have to get up very early tomorrow (6am) so I made a smoothie to take with me :oranges and bananas, I forgot to put some greens in it so the rest of the day will be veggies only.

Pineapple banana smoothie does sound yummy!
I too juice what I have and since I got all the free produce last Thursday that is what I’m juicing. I did get white potatoes and since I don’t know if they can be juiced I made potatoes soup for Thursday and started my fast on Friday. After juice fasting for 5 days I’m down 5 pounds and doing the happy dance. I think I’m going to do another 5 days, that will take we through the weekend. If I lose another 5 pounds I’m going to treat myself to a massage.

So we are heading through the WE? That's good with me. I didn't weight myself but I will tomorrow. You're already 5 days!!!!

Today is my 3rd!! Have a great Day!

Since I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure I had to start weighting every day because of water weight. So if I was up 5 pounds in a day I had to go to the ER. I cheated a little today. I was so tired I had a cup of coffee so I could wake up enough to get my granddaughter home from school. Oh well; we just do the best we can right? Today I juiced the rest of my carrots and cucumber. The bell pepper were too fat gone but I found celery behind the  carrots so juiced that too along with an apple, a lemon n some ginger. Tomorrow is Farmers Market day. I hope the lady doesn't give me 3 boxes of produce again because one whole box was cucumber and by time I got half way down the box the cucumber were like water and made a big smelly mess on my counter.  Hope you are having a great day 3!!

A cup of big deal. I made something really delicious tonight: 1 banana, 1 avocado, 1 pear, very little water, it was like eating a desert even if it was not sweet at all. This morning I added some protein powder in my smoothie and I felt really full for a very long time. I will weight myself tomorrow morning. I am starting to feel a little better, it is true one has to pass the 3rd day to feel better on a fast.

You're doing well for your health, you're very good!!!!

banana, avocado n pear, very interesting. I'll have to try that some day. (I don't care for sweet anyways)

So glad you are feeling better. I guess this is day 4 for you. While walking my dog just now I realized I haven't felt this good in years. I hope my numbers (blood pressure n blood sugar) start to come down soon, this is day 7 for me.

Yeah!!! day 7 that is quite something. I am starting day 4. Lost 5 Lbs!!!! Very very happy about this. I feel a little tired but that will pass when I will drink a juice. I slept very deeply and couldn't get up this morning now I have to rush to go to work (it is pouring rain here). Have a good day!


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