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I’ve been thinking about doing a juice feast or a liquid only and was looking for someone to do it with me

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Hello Kathleen,

I would like to do that with you but not for a long time.

Long liquids feats do not work for me, I work long hours away from home so it is not pratical, also Autumn has really started here, I see that you live in Florida, I live in western Canada and we have started making fires in the wood stove, being above the 49th parallel means that fruits (and veggies) are now getting really expensive so yes, I like to do that with you for this week.

I am not being negative, but just realistic. It would be a good detox for the coming winter, very helpful.

I am going to have a green smoothie for breakfast (it is 8:30am for you + 3hrs)!!!!

My name is Nathalie and I am 61 years old, a little bit out of shape I must say after a long summer of long hours of work (I am the manager of a luxurious B&B, not the owner).

So if you want someone to start ya long liquid feast, here I am!

I would love to do a "long liquid feast." I'll thinking of spending this week getting my body ready by being 100% raw. In the winter you can grow wheat grass indoors. And I think you have lots of apples too right?

Yes I think you can grow wheat grass indoors.

Yes we do have apples but a lot of our veggies come (now that the season of gardening is almost over) from California...Chili...and long liquid feast are good to do when you have all fresh veggies and fruits locally grown.

I did have a green smoothie this morning and will have juice for lunch. I will do that for this week as a "season

detox" which is really good especially coming into winter.

Sure it is sunny in Florida you lucky girl!!!

Good luck for your long liquid feast, you are going to feel really good!!!

And thank you for your request actually I was not planning to do that week liquid feast, and it is a perfect time!!!

I am someone who doesn't eat a 100% raw food diet (in the Summer yes mostly) especially in the Winter, too cold here, so I add brown rice, Miso soups, steamed vegetables sometimes).

Have a great week, Nathalie

It sounds like you have a good diet, (rice, Miso soups, steamed vegetables) I also like bean n mushroom soup in the winter. I'm from Pennsylvania, 6 blocks from the lake so I know what cold is. We all have to do the best we can and right now I am not doing the best I can, That's why I'm thinking a fast of some kind is in order. Have a great  "season detox" and I will continue to keep improving  my diet.

Oh so yes, you know what cold weather is in Pennsylvania!!!!

May be a short juice/liquid feast would do better at the beginning, may that's what you need if your eating is out of control, if you decide on a long one it seems unreachable....start with a short one in mind (5 days?) and see from there, add a day at a time.

If you need someone to do those 5 days I will do them with you, ok? So you don't feel alone.

Think about it. Good evening, N

Thank you so much. I would like to do a short juice/liquid feast from 10/20 till 10/24. I'm keeping my granddaughter till Sunday. My diet is improving every day.

OK so lets do a short juice/smoothie/liquid feast together for those 5 days  ( Monday Oct 20 to Friday Oct 24) if you want? Is that OK? For me 5 days is perfect and you will see (even me too) if you (or even I) want to do more or not, but 5 days is a very good length of time!

Sounds good to me. I'm going to try to keep eating raw till then

OK! so we do those 5 days together (unless someone wants to join us on RFR of course)!!! great.

I am going to be more strict with my raw food as well.

Great,  it helps me too, thanks.

Nathalie, last night I juiced up a pitcher of carrot cucumber juice with a lemon n ginger so I'm ready to start the fast. 

I will start tonight I had made my lunch for work!!!! so tonight yeah!!!!! Great!

My friend at the Thursday Farmer's Market give me 3 boxes of not-so-perfect produce for free; So I started my fast on Friday because I didn‘t want all that produce to go bad. So today is Day 4 for me. I’m down 3 pounds but my main reason for this fast it to one day get off my medication. So what will you be juicing tonight?


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