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Speakers from the 13th San Francisco World Vegetarian Festival

Presented in October 2012 in San Francisco California at the 13th San Francisco World Vegetarian Festival hosting the 40th IVU International Vegetarian Congress. Local organization was done by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society (

Enjoy this talk with John Robbins!

For more on each name!

Cherie Soria "Forget Cooking! Spectacular Soups without Cooking"

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, "Holistic Veganism and Reversing Diabetes"

Lisa Books Williams Raw Food Demo

John McDougall

Will Tuttle

Michael Klaper

Alan Goldhamer

Ellen Jones

Jasmiin De Boo

Jennifer Cornbleet

Steve Blake

William Harris

Dan Brook

Keith Akers

Bob Linden

Jillian Love

Miyoko Schinner

Anna Coulter


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