Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

I own this DVD...I highly recommend it!  After watching this,

you will totally understand WHY I am such an advocate

for Green Smoothies as foundational in the Raw Food


To purchase directly from Victoria's website, Click Here!

You can purchase this from Penni's Picks, Click Here!

In this inspirational lecture, Victoria addresses some of the most intriguing questions regarding health. Is anything missing in the raw food diet? How do chimpanzees eat in the wild? What is green smoothie and what are its benefits? Why is it hard to love greens? What is the nutritional value of greens? Fiber - the magic sponge. What is the significance of stomach acid? How can greens make the body more alkaline? Why is healthy soil more valuable than gold?


Check out Victoria's books in the RFR Library:

Green For Life (the book this DVD represents)

12 Steps to Raw Foods**
Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Toward Natural Health**


Check out Clent's story of losing 226 lbs on Green Smoothies!  Click HERE!

The above videos are not in this DVD...but I am sharing them so you can hear Victoria!

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What an Amazing woman! She is so full of Natural knowledge of fruits and veggies. I really can learn tons of information from her. I definitely must buy her books. I need to learn more about greens and reducing weight.
That was so inspiring. I'm interested to learn more about the role of fibre removing/escorting toxins out of the body as opposed to detoxing. Victoria makes a lot of sense.

I'm glad i watched this. Here is to more green smoothies. Cheers!

Thanks Susan :)!
That's great! Thank you so much, Susan! :)))
Awesome Susan! :D

I am a Green Smoothie convert - lol

Lets RAWK this last week of the initiative. :D


Chris "Dude Raw" (aka Duke)
♡ VB!
This is so helpful! Thanks!
I went raw due to reading her book! I am GREEN FOR LIFE!
I had never seen the green smoothie song..absolootnhootin-ly hillarious!
SUSAN YOU ARE SO RICH with overflowing abundance! You astound me with your profferings here on RFR!!!!!

Can i download this ENTIRE SITE??? No hard disk big enuff....

:D :D :D


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