Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!


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This 2 and one half hour DVD is like a mini-retreat! It was filmed at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute on the beach in Puerto Rico and includes her in-depth classes: Learn how to SPROUT Seed superfoods and grow Wheatgrass in your own kitchen; the importance of Enzymes and Proper Food Combining; Detoxification and Self-Healing; One hour of great RECIPES for energy Soup, Fermented Foods for natural probiotics with the Wiggie staff and gourmet Raw cuisine with Rhio, author of Hooked on Raw.


I own this DVD and highly recommend it!  Available from Penni's Picks, Click Here!


I love Rhio!  Come to the Culinary Center to view her "What's Not Cookin?" DVD!

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A tribute to Dr. Ann Wigmore

"I was blessed to study with Ann Wigmore at her institute in Puerto Rico in 1991 and it changed my life forever. I'll never forget what she told me one day that inspired and motivated me to create a gourmet raw vegan cuisine without cooking at a time when raw foods were used primarily for healing. I used to stay up after hours and experiment in the kitchen to see if I could make these foods taste comforting and delicious. She loved to come downstairs and taste my concoctions and one day, after tasting a few of the dishes I was experimenting with she said, "You will be a Beacon of Light for my teachings." Shortly after that I wrote my first book, Angel Foods, and with the encouragement of Viktoras Kulvinshas, started the world's first gourmet raw vegan culinary school, Living Light Culinary Institute. Dr. Ann lives on in the thousands of people from over 50 countries who have trained with me as a result of her inspiration and encouragement."

- Cherie Soria


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