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Hey Everyone,

  I just found this really cool adventure tour company that caters to vegetarians/vegans. When I reach my goal weight I plan on taking a lot of trips. I find the idea of travel to be a great motivator for me. I'd like to know what are some of your experiences with travel and the raw vegan lifestyle. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not you would be comfortable eating some cooked food while traveling especially if it was vegan.

Here is the link to Veg Voyages. Thanks, HUGS, Russell


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What I do try to do when I travel (and travel is a challenge for sure) is 1. the best that I can and 2. go online and find the organic stores nearby so I can get to a juice bar daily
Here are some awesome Traveling Resources we have here at the Hab:
Cherie and Dan share how to Travel Raw
Also, Listen to John Kohler and Jennifer Cornbleet
Yes, sometimes it is a challenge to have to eat in a restaurant. But most restaurant, cafe' etc will have some type of salad dish on the menu. Let them know you are vegan and ask the chef to prepare a salad with all the raw vegetables you like on the menu. You will be surprised how some are very accommodating.

Also if you are travelling by car, get an igloo and pack up all your favorite vegan ingredients. It gets easier as you go. You will find you will call forth that "creative" being that is screaming to come forth through you as you!

Why wait until you reach your goal.....all you have is "NOW."

Happy travelling!
thanks for sharing!
I read an excellent book about how to convert to raw foods with the least problems, in it was this idea (sorry right now I cannot think what the title of the book is and it is out on loan, will add it when I have it back) make a card (several if you are going away in case they don't come back to you) and on it write, I eat nothing that is cooked, only fresh raw foods and would appreciate you making me a wonderful creative RAW meal out of the any of the following ingredients, list all the ingredients that you like and carry this card with you, pass it to the waiter/(ress) and ask her to ask the chef if this is possible - all restaurants will have at last 4 or 5 of the items on your list and the chef will be delighted to use his/her creative talents to make you a very tasty meal. I think this could also get restaurants thinking about adding raw foods to the menu if more people did it.
I eat some cooked while I travel or if I have to go out but only a few times a week or in small amounts. You can always eat out of grocery stores rather than restaurants. My guess is formal planned trips like this would be harder to accommodate your diet than doing it on your own. But you can ask them!
i found eating fresh fruit whenever i can has been good. ive been on the road travelling australia since last december and it hard sometimes but ive done with what i have had at the time.

ive been travelling with my partner and we have been working and travelling. we have worked in pubs, i have done my juicing while we have worked in pubs and on the road i have just tried to eat as much fresh produce as i can. im not as stressed as i was i have relaxed into the raw way of life more now.

good luck everyone
I carry a card, which I had laminated, which I hand off to the waiter.  It tells the Chef what Ican eat.  The waiter always brings the card back and I've eaten some wonderful salads!    I tried this at  a popular mexican food chain and got tortillas crumbled up on an otherwise lovely salad!  I also do what Debbie Simon does and check out the locals..  I would like to see a forum of those places folks recommend - regionally.      We have a lovely rawfood restaurant right in Dallas, as well as three Whole Foods, one Central Market, Sprouts, and Natural Grocer (my overall favorite).   The newest Whole Foods has a Raw Food bar located inside.  They don't carry a lot of prepared food but usually have a couple of items.  I have also eaten some of the best salads by using my little green card and asking the chef to be as creative as he/she'd like in making me a lovely salad!    Best to all and thanks for the links!


 - I forgot the reason I jumped in here.  I'll be in New Orleans for 5 days - in March (French Qtr area) and would like any and all suggestions for food!  Love & hugs to all!

Does anyone know if the Personal Tribest Blender can be carried onto an airplane or must it be checked?




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