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For those of you who were with us in the Vault during the Go Fresh Initiative, you enjoyed riding The Energy Bus with we are choosing to plant in the garden of our lives!!!

I am adding the book study will be The Seed by Jon Gordon here to the Common Area.  It is an excellent book! Very life changing and re-arranging!!  I read the book in one setting.  I could not put it down!  Actually, I had a few interruptions with the kids and all, but I carried the book around with me under my arm so I could just go back to reading!  

If you would like to get a headstart on reading it along with me, it is available through the RFR Amazon Store, click here!

Find and live your purpose.  Read the first 2 chapters here (PDF).


Week One  Come join us for The Seed Book Study!

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Week Seven

Week Eight

Week Nine

Week Ten


We also have 2 other book studies going on...check them out!

 The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon

Book Study: Get on The Energy Bus with Susan Index


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