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I know we've all heard the ridiculous comments by those that just don't get our choice to EAT REAL 100% NON PROCESSED, NON CHEMICAL LADEN FOODS!! These comments usually come from the diet soda swigging, frozen food eating people.

The comment of my day was from a few coworkers who actually were open to trying a piece of the carrot cake I made (a ridiculously large pyrex full of carrot cake to be exact).  Now keep in mind being its carrot cake it has (surprise) CARROTS, in addition to ground walnuts, brazil nuts, raisins, some spice...and coconut frosting.  

I was told:
 - "it looks like carrot cake"
 - "it smells like carrot cake"
and my personal favorite that came next was "but you shouldn't call it carrot cake - you should call it vegetable cake" I said WHY?  and was told "well its not like real carrot cake"  So my response was - you're telling me that the stuff that comes in a powder form in a box is more REAL that the actual CARROT pulp that is a result of juicing REAL CARROTS????  

Now I do get when people eat raw pizza and compare it to its SAD counterpart and remark that while its good it really can't compare - see that is easy for me to comprehend because in nature there is no pizza naturally but a CARROT...a cake made of carrot is no doubt carrot cake.... SOOOOO SOOO SAD when fake, processed food has come to be REAL when the REAL COUNTERPART is thought of as weird!!!

Ok - enough with my ranting - I'd love to hear everyone elses stories...

happy wednesday :)

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This is hilarious! Really! If it doesnt come out of a box or is handed through a drive thru window? Is it real food? I usually try to explain I've been vegetarian for a while and going broader, and people ask me all the time. " what are you going to eat?", with such concern in their eyes. *sigh*
My coworkers are always asking about my smoothies, and then they ALWAYS want to know what's in it. I tell them, "you don't wanna know," but they persist. I tell them, and they go, "ewwww." I TOLD you that you didn't want to know!

Also, after one of those "eww" moments, and someone asking WHY I was drinking them, I explained to one of my coworkers about my diet of whole, raw fruits and veg. Because she equated "diet" with "temporary" she asked, "So when do you get to eat REAL food again?" Because apparently, fruit and veg are fake.
I love this thread LOL! I live in Taiwan where nobody eats ANYTHING raw besides fruit. When I tell people here I am raw, they just don't get it. Besides all the usual questions they usually ask, but you eat rice right? [no, its cooked] What!? No rice!? But bread is ok right? [sorry, I really don't eat anything that has been processed or cooked. I only eat natural whole fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds] Here, I brought you some cake. [Gee thanks].
Isn't it funny how people are like.. but you eat pizza and steak, right?

Ewww lol I am not offended as I do enjoy meat in moderation....but ewww is all I have to say about blended animal shakes lol
My son had been eating wild greens and herbs for awhile. Someone asked him, "So, is it really true that you eat plants?"
I have actually had several coworkers try some of my green smoothies and like them. There are those who could barely swallow the teaspoon they put in their mouth, exclaiming, "UGH! I can't do all that green stuff!" I have been known to go into the yard to pick some greens for my smoothies. If I don't have a smoothie I crave it and my body just gives this great sight of relief when I finally drink one. Yesterday, my husband came home from work with a terrible upset stomach. Now, he does not eat raw, vegan, healthy... but the first thing he asked as he walked through the door, "Do you have any green smoothie makings?" He knows that a green smoothie will help calm his stomach and he ended up drinking 32oz.

What is really rude and bugs me, I don't make loud exclamations about that nasty looking BBQ sandwich they pulled out of the vending machine and slapped in the microwave. I don't scream, "EeeeW! What IS that?!?!"

This is from my Christian point of view. God's Word says we are not to be of the world, to fall for the world's views. Someone once pointed out that today's world is pushing "healthy" frozen meals to help loose weight, smoothie mixes, and all kinds of diets, diet drinks/foods. But we shouldn't believe everything the world throws at us because it isn't necessarily truth. And look at how unhealthy most of us are because we fall for the quick fixes of this world.

I like my scary raw stuff. At least when I pick up a bunch of carrots I know I'm holding carrots. No labels to read.
I just had a similar "conversation" with my Bro in Law, who actually hauled out a dictionary over the word "cheese" and "milk" when I called the white stuff on my plate Cashew Cheese and that another item I was eating had Almond Milk in it. He went off saying that soy milk is not milk, etc. Milk comes from animals, yada yada yada. The interesting part is he only read part of the entries that supported his claim...what a yutz for doing that...but I looked it up later and saw the last entry spoke of "milk" as the juice or extracts of various plant, like coconut or milkweed, where this would encompass the "milking" of nuts, rice and soy by extraction. You should have heard where the continuation of "cheese" went...oy vey!

I couldn't believe how wound up he got about it, but that's a committed cooked food eater for ya'...they say their moody :)
I think if we gave things different names they would like it because they don't have a SAD version to compare to. They have expectations and their taste buds expect a certain taste,texture and SADnes about it.
Hi Jean,

I've thought the same thing, but executing it is the challenge and, to me, it's because the common word for something brings more than just a label, but explains a lot about the food. For instance, you have almond milk that you use the almost the same as cow's milk. If you called it something different than "milk" you'd have to explain the use and equivalence where the one word will do it on it's own "milk"..OH, I put that on my "cereal" (sprouted dried buckwheat stuff)...haha

Though linking back up to the original comment, we should start a reverse protest of calling the box mix stuff "Carrot Cake". Show me a carrot in that mix and I'll give you 100 bucks! If they actually have carrot in them, I bet their so powdered that you could only find it with a microscope!
This all so funny !!!

I had this talk when I first told my Mom I was going to eat raw:

She said "well be sure you eat a good whole wheat bread" I said "I don't eat bread like that it's cooked, I am just eating fruits ,veggies,nuts and seeds" and she said "where will you get your fiber from?" hahahahahahahaha I died laughing.......She continued to insist I should at least eat some bread...

Then I had someone tell me : "don't call it "raw" cause that puts people off just called whatever it is "easy no -bake whatever..Like "easy no bake cookies" or "easy no bake veggie lasagna" lol.... I guess a salad would be easy no bake salad??? Course I can see where this one would work maybe with kids especially....

One other person asked me if I ate raw meat of I said eeewww noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom was a caregiver and for some clients yes they had meat/veggie smoothies - she'd just put whatever was for dinner in a blender with water and blend it for them cause they couldn't chew or whatever - I think thats just nasty !!!!!!!! she said its like "baby food" from the store.... eeeeeewwwww!!!!!
Very funny stuff - I think there is a book here! I just had a co-worker comment "I see you're drinking that swamp water again". It's a lot funnier when you read it happening to someone else!


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