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I know we've all heard the ridiculous comments by those that just don't get our choice to EAT REAL 100% NON PROCESSED, NON CHEMICAL LADEN FOODS!! These comments usually come from the diet soda swigging, frozen food eating people.

The comment of my day was from a few coworkers who actually were open to trying a piece of the carrot cake I made (a ridiculously large pyrex full of carrot cake to be exact).  Now keep in mind being its carrot cake it has (surprise) CARROTS, in addition to ground walnuts, brazil nuts, raisins, some spice...and coconut frosting.  

I was told:
 - "it looks like carrot cake"
 - "it smells like carrot cake"
and my personal favorite that came next was "but you shouldn't call it carrot cake - you should call it vegetable cake" I said WHY?  and was told "well its not like real carrot cake"  So my response was - you're telling me that the stuff that comes in a powder form in a box is more REAL that the actual CARROT pulp that is a result of juicing REAL CARROTS????  

Now I do get when people eat raw pizza and compare it to its SAD counterpart and remark that while its good it really can't compare - see that is easy for me to comprehend because in nature there is no pizza naturally but a CARROT...a cake made of carrot is no doubt carrot cake.... SOOOOO SOOO SAD when fake, processed food has come to be REAL when the REAL COUNTERPART is thought of as weird!!!

Ok - enough with my ranting - I'd love to hear everyone elses stories...

happy wednesday :)

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My 13 yo son keeps saying, "There's NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE!" and, "Well if you're not gonna buy frozen pizzas anymore, what am i supposed to eat??!!"
My son has been saying the same sort of thing....I go to the grocery store, come home with 15 bags of food, and he complains, as he stands before the stuffed fridge after leaving every single cabinet door wide open, "I'm hungry! There's nothing to eat!"

I understand why some animals eat their young.... ;o)

reikifeet said:
My 13 yo son keeps saying, "There's NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE!" and, "Well if you're not gonna buy frozen pizzas anymore, what am i supposed to eat??!!"
I hear ya Myra - one of my coworkers, who is new to Whole Foods asked me about "raw chocolate" she saw there - then she asked me "well does it taste like real chocolate? Love it....

Myra Sarikaya said:
Love the funny anecdotes!

I once made real chocolates, you know the once with cacao nibs? One of my friends said: "No, this doesn't taste like real chocolate" LOL
I had this from my sister-in-law who spent the last 40 years on pizza and chicken (not joking)
and who never never never never touches a leaf of vegetable or a piece of fruit since birth (not joking):
I brought some organic raisins for her sugar-hysteric 3 year old girl, and she infact read the label (I'm sure she never read a label in her whole life) and exclaimed: WOWWW - how many calories that are in there!!!
I just didn't know what to answer - I could hardly breathe.
But you know what: I don't find that stuff funny anymore. People are SOO invading my private sphere when commenting - without asking them for a comment - on what I have on my really makes me angry. Would I ever comment on what's on people's plate or on people's habits or ideas?? NO.
Well every one else seems to do so. I'm rather fed up than amused!

By the way: I have been absent for a long while and now found all those nice birthday mails from RFR!! Thank you so much - and back again.
I've heard the same type of rediculous reasoning....a friend of mine told me she didn't know you could make pumpkin pie out of pumpkins? :] Okay so how out of touch is society as a whole ? There is a epidemic of misguided minds who are trapped in the faux food world. they can't break free from the
'norm" of the quick, convenient and comercially conveyed notion of what's good food?
LOL - I love that one - pumpkin pie made from pumpkins?? who would've thought it....

Melanie, take it all in'll get used to it...because I don't think it will ever end!!! I have this one woman at work who I swear, I just chalk it up to "different generation ignorance" - always telling me one thing or another - I eat too much salad so I have to worry about getting too much iron, yet the next week, I'm probably anemic since I don't eat meat!!! I've ALWAYS said, its the non vegetarians, non vegans, non raw foodist that are always more critical, more concerned with what we're eating.... I would never think to point out to someone that the frozen food they're eating is BAD, loaded with artificial everything....We're all smart, we all can read....if they choose not to read labels, thats their bad.... But let them comment on our flawless skin, great energy, lack of colds.... and wonder why!!
*laugh* This is just the amusement I needed tonight. :-) I've experienced these such comments as well. People are so concerned for my health, because I am eating raw. The irony is a little sad, and a little funny.

Just yesterday I was eating out with some friends, and I was having an orange that I brought. A girl I hadn't met before was confused and I elaborated that I am a fruitarian. She giggled. I said, "No... really." I'm not sure if she believed me...
A friend goes, "So i was telling the girls at work about how much weight you've lost by eating raw, and they wanted to know more about it, and i couldn't tell them. So umm what is it that you're eating?"

(raw. food.)
I've had people literally call veggies and fruits "scary" right to my face. "Oh you eat all that scary stuff..." Yeah, I get it, I'm a wierdo. But I feel better and it's my life, and that's all that matters. If it makes you feel better, I would've LOVED your cake mmmmmm :)
Haha Jenn, we're the Ghostbusters! Hunting down all this scary, scary stuff...! Mighty brave!
These are hilarious.
Yesterday my inlaws asked "Don't you ever get hungry?"

Yeah, and then I eat. That's the point.

From my (omnivorous SAD-addicted) boyfriend when I told him I was going back to strictly raw for the next few weeks until we went away on holidays: "So what are we going to eat next Saturday then? I guess take-away's out?"

Thanks for the thread - you've brought back my mindset when I did 30 days raw and went shopping near the end... I walked through the supermarket and nothing in any of the aisles looked like food anymore, and the more brightly packaged it was the more 'un-food-like' it seemed. The real stuff was only around the outside. (Gotta get me back there...)


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