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Anyone following the way he suggest doing a raw lifestyle?

If I'm gathering the latest interview content correctly it's
Juice 1-2 liters (greens with lemon and apple) a day
Cultured nuts/coconut yogurt (added to lunch smoothie and dinner salad dressing).
High fat raw but still consumes fruit sugars in the morning and lunch smoothie.

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I love Lou Corona.  It dose sound like a good plan.

He's 63 and he's in better shape and youthfulness than anyone I know in there mid 30's.
Dan McDonald does tons of interview with him but my fav was done on YouTube by "moms in charge" channel.

I would love to hear testimonies from ppl who follow this eating lifestyle. That's so much fat to me esp. from nuts. Soaked nuts are still a nightmare in me, but pre digested with the probiotic enzymes maybe makes a big difference.

Thank you for telling me about Lou Corona's interview with  "moms in charge" channel. It was great. I will be following the way he suggest doing a raw lifestyle

Kathleen, please post how you feel and any differences you notice.
I just made a batch of coconut yogurt this AM with the puralyif probiotic/enzyme.
I saw Tim's video on teeth (running raw YouTube channel) I'm going to be adding more fats to my diet after hearing his story.


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