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I'm looking for a few people who want to do a juice fast with me. I just did CA8 but now want to go a little deeper with detox.

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Hi Kathleen ~ I would love to be a buddy :-)  Nice to connect -- Namaste ~

Great! I just went to the farmers market this morning and am ready to start first thing in the morning.

Last call for someone to join my in a little juice fast.

Hi Kathleen ~ I am still on board, fingers crossed with intention :-)


My scale broke and I need to buy another one later today .. I prefer to not use them but know they can be motivational from previous experiences.


Best wishes! :-)

i want i want so very much...i am biulding to that piont......maybe i can join you in a couple long ypu plan the jiuce fast?

I would love for you to join in the juice fast/feast. I'm going to start tomorrow after the farmers market 

channa brennon said:

i want i want so very much...i am biulding to that piont......maybe i can join you in a couple long ypu plan the jiuce fast?

Well it’s Saturday morning and I’m headed out to the farmers market to stock up on produce for the week; or however long they last. If I run out before next Saturday I’ll head to Public’s as they do carry some organic produce. (apples, celery n carrots) I can get organic spinach at Walmart/Sam’s for cheep. The first Tuesday of each month our health food store has 20% off everything so I will pick up dandelion greens, kale, coconuts and whatever else looks good. As for exercise: I’m clearing out the summer garden to make new for fall planting on Labor Day. I’m a bit limited on how much I can no as I’ve been dealing with a torn rhomboid muscle for the last 5 months. Have a great weekend fellow faster.

Well my first day didn’t go as planed. I did get a lot of work done in you yard and I had a 32 ounce juice about noon. Then I got stuck at my daughters house with her baby. They don’t have a juicer but I did find some produce there and I made a blended salad. I’m not too upset about it though. Tomorrow will be better and I will never leave the house again without an emergency jar of juice.


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