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Well, some of you know that this year for me has been all about not drinking and less about green juicing (though there's been a bit of juicing happening anyway just because I'm beyond the point of no return with raw and living foods). My last glass of wine was December 17, which means I'm now 157 days without alcohol!

But I'm not stopping by only to brag ... I'm stopping to let you all know about Laura C and her uplifting and inspiring music. Check out her website here:

She's a recovering addict, and I'm just loving the tidbits of wisdom on her facebook page (

This one really resonated:

"You might see broken.....when you look at me.....You might see messed up....but I disagree.....You might feel sorry....You might feel rage.....but I'm Broken Open.....Open to Change"

It reminded me of a lovely little (Christian, sorry) book by Henri Nouwen in which he parses the Eucharist in which bread is taken, blessed, BROKEN, and only then given.

God is the consummate artist.

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Sooo proud of YOU!
That's a great line! You're amazing! I have an addictive nature so I love to hear stories like this!
Keep on doing just what you are doing, it is wonderful! you are earning a very important point of courage in your journey.... blessed be!
grandmother Kitcia


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