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My friend, Karen Harris, who btw, has recently joined us here in the 'hab is a wonderful quilter and it got me to thinking what types of hobbies/crafts/fun do all us other rehabbers partake in?

Mine is gardening (note to self - gotta get posting in the Garden room!), both inside and outside. I'm forever digging and planting both in the house and in the yard. My dogs LOVE it.

And reading I guess is my second hobby...

Let's hear what others are into...!

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Since I am so busy with my husband, daughter and our family business of Relationship Coaching for singles, I really don't get a chance to enjoy other things that I love to do except reading lots of books and articles. I love to read, but my favorite thing to do with my family is to TRAVEL all over the world. I would settle for a nice local vacation with my family in the US. As a matter of fact, we are planning to move to San Diego.

So my inspiration right now is to accomplish lots of goals. This is my new hobby! I love Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, and many more coaches out there. Of course, by next year I hope to be a better RAW food expert as preparing delicious healthy food. I also want to lose weight and really accomplish as much as I can. Right now I must be available for my adorable 9 year old daughter and she does like to do fun things with me and my husband.

My hobby is my family right now!
Oh BOY! Lately I've not been pursuing my hobbies because my hobby has become RFR! But I honestly want to get back in touch with my love of photography and my husband and I have even talked about taking a class on that together as soon as my daughter goes to college next year (a little bonding option for the new empty nesters :)

I also love to draw (sketch), do yoga and walk, read, do vision boards and vision books, garden, and play in the raw food kitchen!

I will look forward to what other members of "the house" enjoy doing......great idea!
I love to read! I have books everywhere in my house!
I also love to grow wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts!
These are just 2 of the things I am currently doing! : )
I love circus stuff - juggling, unicycling, and lately I've stated poi swinging. Yeah, burn it down baby! Heh! ;o)
I also read a lot and draw/do graphic design.
Penni, do you create the daily pictures yourself? Love them!
I second the vision boards and I often use for bookmarking positive images. I love to sing and photograph of course but not at the same time.
Vision boards? Hmmmm...what might they be?
Photography, family, hiking, scrapbooking, reading. Have you read The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood? Great connection with earth and where we'll end up if we don't get back to the basics in eating and healing!
I love to read but have a yearning to learn how to crochet simple things.
I love to read (especially raw food recipes books), try new recipes, garden, exercise, and knit, sew, crochet, etc. But mostly the garden is what gets done in the summer. That and exercise. Though I have been trying some of Penni's recipes from Foodie Fridays!
In one of Penni's videos she tells us how to create a vision board. It's kind of like a collage or scrapbook done on poster board. You collect pictures that you either cut out of magazines, print from the internet, pictures of people you love or admire or aspire to be like, or drawings, and create a visual of what you would like to see happen in your life or just things that make you feel happy. You could write inspiring words on it, put glitter on it, whatever floats your boat! I think if you click "FORUM" on the top menu you will find the info somewhere in there.

Veganforlife said:
Vision boards? Hmmmm...what might they be?
Wow - I just happened to wander into this room for the first time and saw a post with my name in it! Lucy is right, I love to quilt - and also to read, do Zentangles , do calligraphy, and I'm learning to hula hoop. Fun to read what everyone likes to do outside of rawking the Rehab!


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