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Hey all :)   I was a member here for years and then kind of fell off the face of the earth for the last 4-5 years (it was so long ago, I had to get a new membership as I couldn't even remember the credentials used to log in the last time I was a member). 

During that time I went through: 

A 6k move across the country to an area I had never been, with no friends and no family.  My husbands family were the only people I knew. 

Within a year of the move - got divorced.  

Had to close the business I loved and find a job.

Had to put my daughter into public school (she had been homeschooled until 4th grade) 

Found job - it was miserable and I hated it, but I needed it.  Stayed for 1.5 years, barely scraping by every single paycheck. 

Moved into a really awful apartment in a really awful part of town, because it's the only thing I could afford with the miserable job.  

My daughter was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 3 days because she was suicidal (after a vacation with her father)  THAT was probably THE hardest thing I have ever gone through.  I remember leaving her at that hospital and crying so hard in the car on the drive home that I literally vomited on myself.   The beautiful thing through it all though, is that the doctor forced my exhusband and my daughter into therapy.  He was formally diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and has had to really work on those issues.  He has subsequently become a much better father, on the 2 days a month he sees her (she doesn't want any more than that). 

Dated a million or so men that just left me feeling empty... vowed to take a 1 year break from anyone with the opposite chromosome because I was exhausted from dating.   I met the most amazing man on the planet the next day at church.  

Got a new job.  It's brutally stressful, but the pay is almost 3xs what I was making before and it's back in engineering doing what I had done for the oil companies in Alaska my entire career.  So it's familiar.  And lets be honest... the pay makes it easier to swallow the stress LOL 

Moved out of the awful apartment and into a great house, in a great neighborhood where my kiddo can play outside and I don't worry about her safety. 

I married that AMAZING man in April of this year <3     I SWORE I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER get married again... but he's THAT great :)   He is still just as amazing today as he was the day I met him.   People thought I was crazy, but the only way I could describe it, is that when I met him, he felt like "home".  Like I had known him my entire life.    My daughter ADORES him and he's SO incredibly kind to her (he has 1 son in college and a daughter that is 23 that still call him every day to talk to him... and his daughter still calls him daddy <3)  He's just an amazing, kind, GOOD christian man.  And he still says every morning "I'm going to do everything in my power today to make you feel cherished today" and every night when we go to bed he asks "would you marry me again".   I'm THE luckiest! 

Sooooooo.... that's a recap in a nutshell.   I went through a complete adrenal crash for the first 6 or so bullet points and have been trying to recover.  It's a slow road, as I was at adrenal exhaustion level.   I've been recovering from multiple injuries (broke my patella 3 years ago, ribs 3 years ago, tore my Achilles 2 years ago and now they are telling me I need a partial knee replacement because of the arthritis.    I'm on day 4 of back to 100% raw (and my hubby is doing it with me!!!!!!) and detox is kicking my butt... but for the first time ever, I feel like I have 100% support at home!  It really does make all the difference to have somebody on your side in the kitchen!  

I look forward to connecting with you all again.  Some of the faces still look familiar! 

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SO happy to have you back with us! You have had a wild ride, my friend! You have such a great platform for your healing to take place. I left a message on your other post in the Wellness Center. 

Our site isn't as active as it was in the beginning, partially because I have been working full-time and have not been creating new content. Many of the wonderful folks are still here milling around and I am looking forward to getting back to offering more to the community.

Thank you so much for posting and for catching us up to speed on everything that's been happening. Sending you so much love & I'm very happy to hear about your wonderful new-ish, supportive relationship! Blessings! 

oH MY GOOODNESS!!!  The Lord has truly blessed you!  I am so happy for you!  It has been a crazy ride but you have an amazing story of strength, determination - not just surviving - but THRIVING through the trials and look where you are now!  Mahalo (thank you) for sharing your journey. I look forward to reading more!  ((BIG HUG!!))

Wow! so inspiring! Best wishes on your journey through your adrenal recovery!

Hi Karen thank you for sharing your story and it looks like you have come around full circle and back on top. Your raw food  journey with your new husband will be encouraging for you both. Blessings


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