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I am just starting with raw foods and juicing  and have been thinking about what books I should get to help me out. I was thinking about a good mix of knowledge / easy basic healthy food / and some gourmet. One thing to throw out here is that I do have type 2 diabetes (but hopefully not for long!)

Would you consider these books worth getting? Does anybody here have any experience with the recipes and info from these books?

Real Juice Daily by Penni Shelton

Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens

Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People by Jennifer Cornbleet

Raw: The Uncook Book by Juliano

and then - which of the penni shelton books with recipes would you say is the easiest / not dehydrator food / with the best recipes?

Thanks for all your opinions!

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I want to share that my book Raw Food Cleanse has a more complete group of raw food recipes than my eBook, Real Juice Daily.  RJD is the journal account of my 3 month juice feast and I do share what I was drinking.  Raw Food  Cleanse offers everything from juice/smoothies to entrees to desserts.  Hope that helps a little.

Conscious Eating is very thorough and detailed, with a fair few recipes as well. I wouldn't go for the Juliano book, it's not really everyday stuff and it's all recipes with not much in the way of info. 

We have reviews of these books in the RFR Library:

Real Juice Daily by Penni Shelton

Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People**

I would reccomend Cousens book: There is a cure for diabetes.  Apart from all good info he offers some menues too.

I like Concious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, and Raw Food Made easy might be another book you might like since you are new to the raw food diet..

Juliano I like a lot as well, however his book is a tad weak in the dessert area.. You will find as you become more into raw food that you will gravitate away from just about all the books you mention..

The next step is to get into books by Mathew Kenny, and  Cafe Gratitude that take raw up a few notches in my opinion.. In the meantime enjoy the simple raw rather than attempting gourmet raw right off the bat..

I am not really familiar with Penni's books you might want to ask her which one she recommends to someone that is new to raw..

Penni's is great if you want to do a juice feast ( who doesn't at RHR?)

I do not do juice feasts and do not think I ever will... I eat my food like normal people, and do enjoy a glass of juice or a 8 ounce smoothie every other day but that is about it..

By the way I did not find Juliano's book difficult for those that are new to raw.. Try Mathew Kenney or books by Sweet Gratitude Cafe those recipes are rather involved.. However they are fabulous recipes and worth the effort to make especially when entertaining others that might not be raw.

Ida Friedman said:

I love J. Cornbleet's "Raw Food for 1 or 2". It's fast , easy, and delicious. These are all good books, but if you don't have a dehydrator, that's the one. Juliano's book is lovely to look at, but complicated.Penni's is great if you want to do a juice feast ( who doesn't at RHR?)

I meant to add this from the Culinary Center:

Also, we have more of Jennifer's food demos HERE.

Thanks for the info everybody! It helped me make my decisions!


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