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Hi all

This is my first post to the site.

I have decided i want to transition to raw and vegetarian eating.

Health wise and financially i think it makes more sense. I have an under active thyroid and struggle with my weight so i think this would help me cope a bit better.

Would any of you lovely people be able to give me any tips on where to start?

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Hi Tanya,

I'm thrilled to have you joining us at Real Food Rehab.

Im going to share THIS ARTICLE with you that I put together to help you with ideas of getting started. Hope it helps!!


Sounds like a good move, Tanya.  If you're interested, visit my site at and like my fb page  Abundant Raw Life.  I am a Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Specialist.  I wish you well on your journey.  Let me know if I can be helpful.

Jane Smith


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