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I am so happy to have found RFR. I am one of those people who does things "all or nothing". My hubby and I have recently decided to follow a raw diet( seed was dropped by Gerson theory. Purely for health and longevity, hopefully. We've  been researching like crazy, got loads of easy recipes and doing and feeling good. But I have now come to a roadblock.

We and the kids are really missing meat. I am having a hard time finding good info on why I shouldn't eat meat. Is meat bad for your heath, or do people just not eat meat out of respect to animals ? If I buy good quality, grass fed, organic, free range meat , is that still bad for my health ? Would love some links and info or studies done on this please.


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Hi Bonita, welcome to Real Food Rehab. We are not a vegan or raw specific website at this time, although I think many of us agree that a diet that includes less meat is ultimately better for our long term health, wellness and for our planet.

I really like the documentary and website Forks Over Knives - which includes information from T. Colin Campbell's The China Study. It is probably one of the most comprehensive studies done on the topic. You can google those names and be flooded with much information.

I believe in being an "Intuitarian" - that is following your gut level instincts on what foods and drinks resonate with you. I also feel that it is good wisdom to get regular physical health examinations - which include some vitamin & mineral screenings to check for any deficiencies.  I was a vegan for a number of years, but am not at this time. There are MANY differing beliefs when it comes to what is THE BEST diet for humans - and the controversies never seem to end. And you'll likely get plenty of different ones from community members on this website as well. So when it is all said and done, we all have to find the diet that works best for us individually - and that can even change over time.

Hope that will help a little : )

Awesome, thanks so much  Penni. Busy reading on it, stunning !!


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