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No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

Raw Food Rehab has become known as a safe place of love and support and this is partly due to our expectation that each member has an obligation to be respectful to one another and that they will abide by the oath that they agreed to when they joined our community. 

Raw Food Rehab was created with a specific vision and with heartfelt purpose. For more information on who we are and why we are here, click here. We are a virtual raw food/holistic health retreat where the leadership makes every effort to vigilantly protect the privacy, presence and purpose of our guests. This space was NOT created to be used as a social media/marketing site. Individuals and companies who have found their way to our "safe place in cyberspace" who begin marketing themselves, their businesses, products, programs, websites or blogs will be removed from our community. 

Members are encouraged to network and connect HERE.  Members can also share their internet blog HERE.Links to outside websites/blogs are also allowed in our Kitchen when sharing recipes. Links can also be added at your personal home page through an RSS feed or in text box.  Aside from those sharing options, RFRprohibits the promotion of outside linking to blogs, websites or merchandise in our public forums, rooms, videos, photos, comments, status updates, RFR blogs or through our inhouse emailing system.  Invitations in your blog posts or in the public forums suggesting that members visit your page, outside website or to contact you via email or phone, will be viewed as an effort to redirect traffic away from our site, and also may be viewed as spam. These types of activities, including solicitations outside of our networking area, can result in immediate removal from our community. 



- Everyone is at a different point along their health journey and we are to respect the individual progress and needs of others as they make lifestyle choices and changes of their own.


- RFR is a support community that endorses and promotes a plant based, raw food lifestyle.  We understand and expect that members will have varying personal food choices, which may include the consumption of processed, cooked or animal products, however we ask that members NOT post discussions, descriptions, photos or videos of those foods here. Avoiding  topics that cause division is encouraged. We ask members to be sensitive that the suggestion of these foods can trigger or stimulate cravings, binges and aggravate food addictions.  (please read here if you need more clarification).

- Everyone must do their best to keep this community drama free and keep their hands to themselves.

- Posting inappropriate material, such as profanity, personal attacks, nudity, inappropriate, questionable or suggestive material will likely be cause for suspension or removal from the community. We have a very diverse group of guests that range in age from 10 yrs. old to 85+ so one of our priorities is to keep RFR a wholesome, family friendly site.

As the director of Raw Food Rehab, I feel very strongly about the importance of being able to offer you the best virtual retreat experience possible.  In order to pay for the web fees and administrative costs that are involved in keeping RFR afloat, we now offer an area specifically set aside for networking (a very small fee of $5 monthly) and have joined forces with several companies who are in alignment with our vision. (see the right side of our page). These companies help support us by paying small percentages of purchases made by our guests, which help to cover our operating costs. It is a win/win situation for everyone!

Outside of our paid networking area, we reserve the right of only promoting companies, individuals, products and programs of which we have reviewed and have approved. Unapproved linking, solicitations, promoting personal agendas or spamming of any nature is strictly prohibited within the walls of RFR and will result in removal from our website.

With Much Respect,
Penni Shelton
Founder & Director


Today I share a bit more detail about what my vision is here at Raw Food Rehab and how it differs from other raw food related social networking sites. This site was created as a companion of support in alignment with my book, Raw Food Cleanse, and as a place of community to help empower people to make significant changes in their life by embracing a diet rich in raw & living foods.

Big Props to Earth Mother for posting the Community Code in the Common Area. I though this was excellent and a wonderful addition to our Hospitality Desk. She has provided a link to download this if you'd like to have a copy. I think it's excellent.

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I love your rules. Every single one of them!
Rules keep order! Every family needs them! : )
Thanks for the House Rules! Looking forward to my stay!
"We are living in grace and gratitude, we stay positive . ." This one is my favorite!
Great house rules. It's nice to know I will be part of a very supportive and respectful group. I am really excited. Thanks for having me.

Susan : ) said:
Rules keep order! Every family needs them! : )
These rules are awesome! They make me happy and excited to have joined this community!
Wonderful rules.. which I have had as my desk top for over a year now.. Glad to see it being used here.
Love Light & Unity
I love all the rules and the Community Code just makes me FEEL THE LOVE HERE ,,Thanks so much again for taking the time out of YOUR busy lives to make all this happen..Love ya too!
Boy isn't it awesome how the universe just gives you what you need exactly when you need it? The rules are fabulous and so appropriate! So happy to be here.


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