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From Brendan's website:
"Brendan Brazier is one of only a few professional athletes in the world whose diet is 100 percent plant-based. He’s a professional Ironman triathlete, bestselling author on performance nutrition, and the creator of an award-winning line of whole food nutritional products called VEGA. He is also a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion.

Brendan’s professional athletic career began in 1998. Over the course of only a few years, his performance quickly climbed, improving each year in Ironman triathlon racing. At Ironman Canada, in 1999 he finished 21st, the following year he placed 14th, then 11th, followed up by an 8th place finish in 2002 in Ironman Utah. In 2003 and 2006 Brendan won the National 50km Ultra Marathon Championships. Other results include 3rd place at the National Long-Course Triathlon Championships and both 3rd and 2nd in consecutive years in the Royal Victoria Marathon.

Towards the end of 2003 Brendan was hit by a car while cycling, as a result could not race in 2004. He took advantage of the extra time on his hands and wrote a book that outlined the successful diet that had helped him improve his athletic performance at an above-average rate. THRIVE: A guide to optimal health and performance through plant-based whole foods (out of print as of 2007. 30, 000 copies sold - replaced with The Thrive Diet, Penguin, 2007) became a Canadian bestseller within five months. Brendan then partnered with a sport nutrition company and produced a commercial replica of his blended drink formula that he had been making for himself for 15 years, one of the reasons for his quick improvements. He called it VEGA. VEGA launched in Canada in late 2004 and became one of the bestselling health food products on the Canadian market. It received the prestigious Nutrition Business Journal merit award. Presented for the first time ever to a product not yet on the US market, VEGA became known in the United States. In 2005 Brendan then launched his 100% raw whole food energy bar, again a commercial replica of what he made to support his intense training. Now in over 1200 Canadian health food stores, VEGA launched in the US in March of 2006, winning the "best in show" award from VegNews Magazine.

Nominated in 2006 for the Manning Innovation Award, Canada’s most prestigious award for innovation, Brendan was shortlisted for the formulation of Vega. In 2006, Brendan also was invited to address US Congress on Capitol Hill, where he spoke of the significant social and economic benefits that could be achieved by improving personal health through better diet. The focus of his speech was to draw attention to the role that food plays in the prevention of most chronic diseases currently plaguing North Americans.

In 2007 Brendan returned to Capital Hill to lobby against the Farm Bill and was named one of the most 25 Fascinating Vegetarians by VegNews magazine

Brendan has become a renowned speaker and sought-after presenter throughout North America, helping individuals and businesses thrive by sharing his dietary stress-busting program, The Thrive Diet."

Professional Triathlete Brendan Brazier talks with us how a vegan diet gives him a competitive edge:


Tim VanOrden interviews Brendan on Running Raw:

Also check out Brendan's feature, Guide For Transitioning To A Healthier Diet, on GLiving

Check out Brendan's best selling book, Thrive, here:


And for Thrive Fitness, Click HERE



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Athletes like this are incredibly inspiring!
I just got his book, Thrive The Vegan Nutrition Guide, in the mail. Already very interesting and has changed my look on training and recovery.
My daughter, she's 19, was given a book to read on Brendan. She has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and she is not at all overweight. So she's learning a lot about plant based food and how it will keep her from becoming diabetic and eventually never hear the term pre-diabetic again. I pray that more people will realize that we all have the choice to make in reversing our health issues. Not that all health issues can be resolved easily but that giving raw plant based food a try, is a start. What can hurt but our egos...when we see results and realize better late then never to have started trying. Thanks for hitching us on to Brendan.
Love Brendan and Tim. Dedication and focus like they talk about is so inspiring. I'm a bit intimidated by the level of athleticism but I need to remember that they do this as a career. Just getting out there and walking, riding bike etc., I can feel like the athlete that works for me at my personal level. Setting goals of endurance are good no matter what level you're at. Always inspiring yourself to reach for the brass ring.
This looks great, I really want to get his book. I dance and do Gyrotonic often so this info really applies to me. I have found that when I eat higher raw I have more energy and feel lighter. Thanks Penni for telling us about Brendan!
Very cool. Tks for this info. I know some Ironman Triathletes, but Brendan is the first I have heard of that is plant based only. Barb

The thrive diet was the book that inspired me to learn more about plant base diet with super foods. He has now a new book called: Whole food to thrive. It' a recipe book. I was wondering if anyone have it and if the recipes are good?


I have been using Brendan's Vega Sport and Vega Meal Replacement for a couple of months and LOVE them.  His books are well worth reading and all of his articles/interviews are incredibly well done, informative and motivating.  These are great products to use when you can't get to the real thing. 

His book Thrive was the reason I felt like I could transition from a SAD diet! Running and doing Bikram Yoga, I was concerned I would need animal proteins etc. . . until I read and understood what my body really needed. In addition to the recipes, there is great information on how our body responds to stress, nutritional density and recovery time. Very inspirational!


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