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Who wouldn't look just graceful walking down these stairs?!?

Even if you are not one who doesn't like to exercise per say, you can add many extra steps to your day simply by:  Taking the stairs, instead of the elevator or escalator like in this video:

I say, we need to do this to all the staircases here in the Raw Food Rehab Mansion!
Call in the Construction Crew!! It would provide glorious music! grins... : )

There are so many other ways to add steps to your day. Like parking at the end of the parking lot at the mall or grocery store. Playing outside with the kids....that moves alot of muscles...the kids love chasing Mom!!

Fun can obviously change behavior for the better! It's the Fun Theory!
What are you doing to add steps to your day? Make it FUN! : )

For a complete index of Hallelujah Acres testimonial videos here in the Hab, click here!

For Pedometer Recommendations, click HERE!

For Walking Poles, available through Penni's Picks, click HERE!

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great video. i have some testimonial. when we moved to an apartment with stairs, my overweight cat lost a pound! (for humans that would be a lot). the main difference was the stairs!
Awesome post!! To spice things up and make it fun it's great to create games for yourself on a day to day basis :)

I should start taking the stairs again for a start. Or I'm also thinking of getting a jump rope and that way whenever I have a few mins I'll get myself to skip a little bit =)
Anyone ready to go banister sliding with me? : )
When you get to the top of the stairs...let's slide down! : )
Get your body movin' NOW!! : )

Having FUN!  Wanna Slide Down The Banisters With Me?

Having fun already! Yee! HAW!   Your the best Susan! Hugs and kisses!


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